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Vintage Gifs of Montreal

Considering that Montreal is often described as “old world charm with modern conveniences,” we thought it would be fun to relive some of the city’s old world charm with the help of a modern convenience: the animated GIF! A horse-drawn firesleigh races to save the people of Montreal from flames! This video of Montreal is likely one of the oldest in existence. It was originally copyrighted March 19, 1901 by Mr. Thomas A. Edison. Yes, that Thomas Edison. He shot it as some early test footage from one of his many inventions: the motion picture camera. Some early footage of a streetcar, automobiles and pedestrians hustling through an intersection in downtown Montreal. The Montreal Canadiens built their dynasty sans helmets. How did their faces not get totally busted up? Also, why is the door to the rink so tiny? Oh old things. Still unclear why Montreal ever got rid of these things. Look at how quaint they make everything look! The monorail zooms along Expo 67 with massive crowds milling below. While many of the pavilions have been demolished, the golf ball shaped American pavilion still stands. It’s now known as the Biosphere and houses an environmental museum. Maybe in… / Read More →


Gays love Gifs, and Gifs definitely love Gays. Here are 6 Fabulous Gifs that highlight the best of Montreal’s LGBT events, drag queens, and spirit. Note: Let the full page load before scrolling.


The Oxford American dictionary has chosen “GIF” as the 2012 Word of the Year. To celebrate this word’s return from digital antiquity to pop culture staple, here are eight cool Montreal Gifs for you to enjoy. Note: Let the page finish loading before scrolling!