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Montreal Holiday Food Guide

Montreal steps up its already considerable gastronomic game during the holiday season, infusing festive spirit into imaginative and innovative once-a-year offerings tailored to every appetite and taste…

Memorable musical gifts to take home from the Jazz Fest

Every year for 35 years, the Montreal International Jazz Festival has stood out as an annual highlight for Montrealers and visitors alike, from memorable music performances to quiet nights walking the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, a saxophone sounding in the distance. Keep those memories vibrant at this year’s festival, June 26 to July 6, with a variety of souvenirs and gifts unique to Montreal.


While Montreal’s chocolateries, patisseries and boulangeries are some of the best and most creative in the business all the year long, they truly shine during holiday time, when all their expertise and creativity comes to the forefront as they bake and exhibit their special treats of the season…