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Québec’s top luxury designers

Perfect cuts, fabulous fabrics, one-of-a-kind style and meticulous craftsmanship—that’s what Québec’s luxury designers offer in their collections, which range from daring to timeless. Here are some of the top brands that bring beauty to La Belle Province. Québec’s biggest names in fashion Every city has its fashion gurus, and Montréal is no exception. We love the perfect cuts and classic lines in Philippe Dubuc’s menswear, along with the couture leather, pleated satin or airy silks from Denis Gagnon. For structured volume that’s equal parts nature and technology, there’s Marie Saint-Pierre, while Rad Hourani offers unisex creations and Tavan & Mitto delivers sophisticated, timeless collections. We turn to Éditions de Robes  for dresses that range from classic to glam, and we can’t get enough of Elisa C-Rossow’s serious take on women’s sensuality or the modern femininity offered by UNTTLD. Recycled fur, leather and luxury jackets The lumberjack look may not be what you’re after, but when fur and leather are tastefully crafted to create stylish, eco-friendly fashion, that’s a whole other story. For recycled fur, head to Harricana. Minimalist leather bags await at Lowell or WANT Les Essentiels. And m0851 is the place to go for leather items that run the… / Read More →

Great things are brewing just outside Montréal

In a previous post, we determined that Montréal was the nerve centre of Québec for craft beer aficionados and a great place to discover different types of breweries and concept bars. However, we strongly recommend that you slake your thirst in regions beyond the city to sample the finest hop options from our rich and welcoming lands. Here are two itineraries that will allow you to explore brewing countrysides that won’t sap your savings AND allow you to climb into the coziness of your bed come evening. Isn’t that just grand? Ontario / Ottawa Valley / Montérégie Let’s head out first to the southwest of the province with a brief foray into Ontario. The fun begins with a required stop at Beyond The Pale, situated in Ottawa. Though it has been in business for just a few years, this tiny little brewery has quickly become a must in Canada thanks to its fresh and singular products such as the Aromatherapy IPA and Pink Fuzz, a wheat beer jazzed up with grapefruit zest. You can sip some of their beers on site and stock up on one or two growlers (950 ml glass bottles) of your favourites. Special note: the brewery… / Read More →


Montreal Fashion Week is always cause for celebration, but in the drudgery of grey February, nothing lifts the spirit like the bright lights, flashing bulbs and glamour of groundbreaking fashion shows…


Established among Montreal’s big names, alongside the likes of Marie Saint Pierre, Philippe Dubuc, Tavan & Mitto and Denis Gagnon, Harricana par Mariouche distinguishes itself by way of its ecological policy…


Fur is fabulous – and recycled fur is even more so. Montreal designer Mariouche Gagné has carved a cosy little niche for herself and called it “Ecoluxe.” At Harricana, her beautiful all-white boutique near the Atwater Market, shoppers can sift through racks and shelves of re-cycled fur products: everything from full-length coats to chic aviator hats to cuddly teddy bears.