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Mission style to Tex-Mex – Montréal’s favourite burritos

What’s better than a burrito? Two burritos. A burrito is the perfect food. It encompasses all the major food groups, grains, meat, vegetables, dairy and guacamole. Wrapped up into a warm and tender tortilla, this hand-held meal is ideal for any situation, if you’re on the go or dining in. From Mission style to Tex-Mex, Montréal has a great selection of burrito shops to curb your cravings. Burrito Shop — 3686-B Saint-Laurent Boulevard) Located on the Main, Burrito Shop offers five different kinds of meat for your burrito. Order burritos served wrapped in a tortilla, in a bowl or piled high on a salad with all the fixins’. Notre burrito > ton sandwich ce midi #hochelaga #sainthenri #montreal #mtl Une photo publiée par Burrito Revolucion (@burritorevolucion) le 4 Juin 2016 à 7h01 PDT Burrito Revolucion — multiple locations This Hochelaga burrito haven recently opened up its second location in the trendy Griffintown. They offer classic options to satiate your hunger for burritos. Tejano BBQ Burrito — 511 De Courcelle Street This local Tex-Mex burrito shop is owned and operated by pitmaster Dylan Kier of Blackstrap BBQ. Get your next burrito all dressed with the ancho cumin BBQ beef, robust in… / Read More →

Where to eat tacos in Montréal

Think of the best taco you’ve ever had in your life. Where was it? In Mexico? In California? In your mom’s kitchen? What if I told you that Montréal’s taco scene rivals any city south of the border? Whether authentic tacos, So-Cal fusion or even Tex-Mex, Montréal has a taqueria to satisfy all of your taco cravings. Taqueria La Matraca – 4607 Saint-Denis Street This no-frills taqueria on the Plateau serves up super authentic tacos. Named after a wooden noisemaker, the atmosphere at La Matraca is often a boisterous one. Check out their tacos al pastor—trompo (vertical spit) roasted, the marinated pork is shaved and served on a warm toasted corn tortilla, topped with onions, cilantro and pineapple. Icehouse – 51 Roy Street East Icehouse isn’t exactly a taqueria, but it is known for b eing Montréal’s go-to spot for everything Tex-Mex. Fried chicken tacos, fish tacos, or even fried shrimp tacos: load up on tacos that will entice enthusiasts and offend purists. El Rey del Taco – 232 Jean-Talon Street East Located right in the Jean-Talon Market, “The King of Tacos” is another destination for authentic street food tacos. From chicken, pork and beef to lamb, chorizo and beef… / Read More →

Drinks to share: 6 perfect pitchers in Montréal

It’s summer in Montréal, and that means “taking it easy” is serious business. There’s so much to consider: which park to picnic in, what festival to check out, which neighbourhood to explore, which terrace to spend the evening on—we know, it’s hard work. You’ll deserve a reward after such an exhausting day, and we have just the thing in mind: a frosty pitcher of drink with pals to kick the evening into gear. Below are six Montréal establishments that serve up variety in this familiar vessel, and speak more to “craft” than “draft”.    TBBT: TOKYO BAR BACK TERRACE – 3709 Saint-Laurent Boulevard As if there weren’t enough things to love about Tokyo Bar’s back terrace in the summer, the St-Laurent club’s lower patio serves up pitchers of the classic shandy. A perennial favourite in the U.K., the timeless beer cocktail is traditionally a mix of a pale beer and ginger ale. If you haven’t tried one before, now would be the time, and TBBT would be the place. LA BELLE ET LA BŒUF – 1620 Sainte-Catherine Street West Beverage options risk being overwhelming at this popular downtown resto-bar. La Belle et la Boeuf has an expansive drink menu, and it’s… / Read More →

Montreal’s Poutine Week takes over town in 2014

Forget the polar vortex, residents of Quebec and Ontario are now bracing themselves for mass hysteria of a different kind… a delicious kind… Montreal’s second annual Poutine Week!!!