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#MTLaTABLE 2016 in photos

Well, that’s a wrap for another delicious edition of Montréal’s restaurant week, MTLàTABLE!  With150 participating restaurants across the city, local and visitors had a veritable cornucopia of culinary discoveries to savour. And who can resist sharing a great recipe? Here is just an appetizer of the mouth-watering #MTLaTABLE pics shared on Instagram. Une photo publiée par @afoodieinmtl le 15 Nov. 2016 à 22h40 PST Tuna tataki at Decca77 Restaurant Une photo publiée par Foodologie – Photographie (@mtlfoodologie) le 14 Nov. 2016 à 12h18 PST Scallop tartare at Lili.Co Une photo publiée par Karine 🐨 (@karinegvs) le 14 Nov. 2016 à 9h52 PST Dinner at Decca77 Restaurant Une photo publiée par On Déjeune (@ondejeune) le 27 Oct. 2016 à 10h00 PDT Brunch at Au Petit Extra Une photo publiée par Victor (@randomcuisine) le 11 Nov. 2016 à 11h10 PST Laurie Raphaël half-baked chocolate cake Une photo publiée par Eva Wang (@eatwitheva) le 11 Nov. 2016 à 6h17 PST Peppered squash with goat cheese at Restaurant Les 400 coups Une photo publiée par FDN (@foodiedatenight) le 5 Nov. 2016 à 3h52 PDT Foie gras at Restaurant La Chronique Une photo publiée par Alice Thirion (@alicethithi) le 4 Nov. 2016 à 21h17 PDT Dessert… / Read More →

#MTLaTABLE 2015 in photos

Montreal’s restaurant week, MTL à TABLE, wrapped up yesterday after a 4th edition filled with flavours to savour from more than 150 participating restaurants across the city. Locals and visitors alike gathered around the city’s finest tables to enjoy great food and great company. The addition of brunches and Québec cheese menus in certain restaurants offered fresh twists to this popular annual food festival. And, of course, lots of folks shared their culinary discoveries online. Here is just a sampling of the mouth-watering #MTLaTABLE pics shared on Instagram. Affordable – $21 Jerry’s Poutine at Chez Jerry by @melboudreau Pork chorizo chimichurri meatballs at  Nini Meatball House by @jennier_ferst Appel verrine at Decca77 Brasserie by @carolnyny Midrange – $31 Pizza at Nolana by @maelie.kate Green lemon and coconut Dacquoise at Osco!, Provencal Brasserie by @intercontinentalmontreal Fried shimps at Commerce by @barcommerce Gourmet experience – $41   Apple tatin with calvados, black sausage, escargots in tempura and caramelized onions jus at L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel by @AubergeSaintGab Roasted scallops and a rack of Charlevoix lamb at Decca77 Restaurant by @anniechiennn Foie gras in escabeche at Henri by @chef_tigreton New this year: brunch menus Steak and egg at Tapas 24 Snack Bar by @tapas24snackbar The… / Read More →

Fabulous food pics by top Montréal Instagrammers and food bloggers

Montréal is undeniably one of the world’s greatest gourmet capitals, with more restaurants per capita than any other city in North America, gastronomy festivals galore, an eclectic street food scene and every type of cuisine imaginable. So it’s no wonder that Montréal has such a rich and varied foodie culture that shines through in the work of local Instagrammers and food bloggers. To celebrate the many fabulous flavours of Montréal, we’ve cooked up a sampling of sumptuous shots of the best taste experiences the city has to offer. @eatwitheva @melboudreau @mtlfooddivas @mtlcafecrawl @montrealaddicts @evemartel @katerinerollet @kitchenhealssoul @lapiz_of_luxury @catmart @514eats And, after scrolling through these mouth-watering shots, if you find yourself in the mood for food, MTL à TABLE is right around the corner, from October 29 to November 8. Book your table now! Also check out the Instagram accounts of our regular contributors Mayssam Samaha (@mayssamaha) and Jason Lee (@shutupandeatmtl) and dig into more culinary collections of mouth-watering Instagram galleries from some of Montréal’s top chefs and restaurants.

Dig in to MTL à TABLE with these mouth-watering Instagram galleries

With MTL à TABLE, Montréal’s much-awaited annual restaurant week, just around the corner, everyone has gourmet food on the brain these days. What better way to work up an appetite for the city’s finest tables than perusing a sumptuous selection of delicious dishes? So pull up a chair and dig in to an all-you-can eat buffet of mouth-watering Instagram galleries from some of Montréal’s top chefs and restaurants. @restotapeo @resto.lesenfantsterribles @restaurantevoo @patrice_demers @mimilanuit @mercurimontreal @martin_juneau @les400coupsmtl @lachampagnerie @ikanos_mtl @henrisainthenri @damasrestaurant @chezvictoire @chezchose @callaomontreal Still feeling peckish? Scroll down to fill up on more fabulous food pics!

10 (more) Montréal Instagrammers we love

Montrealers have a passion for life and a love for their city that they express in countless ways, from food and festivals to art and photography. When it comes to photography, there is nowhere like Instagram to see this passion so creatively expressed. From breathtaking skylines to intimate neighbourhood vignettes, Montrealers love to capture and share their amazing #MTLMOMENTS. So without further ado, and following the popularity of our first round-up of 10 Montréal Instagrammers we love, here are 10 more local Instagrammers to follow and enjoy! @yellowillow Grab some friends and go out wandering. Loved doing so with @xoveloxo and Emmanuelle Une photo publiée par Anne McIsaac (@yellowillow) le 20 Nov. 2015 à 8h58 PST @urbansniper514 Catching lanscapes with a 50mm 😂 u do what you gotta do with what you have! Une photo publiée par Joel Fernandez (@urbansniper514) le 28 Août 2015 à 12h04 PDT @mevallieres #straightfacades Une photo publiée par Marie Eve Vallieres (@mevallieres) le 24 Nov. 2015 à 20h51 PST @m_lloyd Built and designed by the architect Moshe Sadie, Habitat 67 is a revolutionary urban housing concept widely considered an architectural landmark and one of the most recognizable and significant buildings in Montreal. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As a… / Read More →

10 Montréal Instagrammers we love

With its kaleidoscope of festivals, activities, cutting-edge art and historical architecture – not to mention a mouth-watering food scene – Montréal is a city that never ceases to amaze and inspire. So it’s no wonder that so many Montrealers share their love and passion for their city in images on Instagram. Here are some of our favourite local Instagrammers sharing outstanding #MTLMOMENTS. @jfsavaria Bonne journée! ☀️ #cinqcentquatorze #exploremontreal #mtlmoments #vieuxportmtl #montrealjetaime Une photo publiée par MONTRÉAL ↟ 514 (@jfsavaria) le 25 Mai 2016 à 5h15 PDT @mayssamaha The symbol of so many joys and a few sorrows too, like saying goodbye to family #Montreal #mtlmoments #untilthenexttime Une photo publiée par Will Travel for Food (@mayssamaha) le 4 Oct. 2015 à 13h59 PDT @shutupandeatmtl Really… Is there a sexier looking food truck in Montreal? Check out the new YP app to find all your favourite food trucks around the city! Details on the blog this week! #YPapp #sponsored Photo: Winneburger Une photo publiée par Jason AKA Dim Sum Papi (@shutupandeatmtl) le 7 Sept. 2014 à 20h31 PDT @evablue #mtlmoments #montreal Une photo publiée par @evablue le 23 Mai 2016 à 18h23 PDT @susanmossphotography The Urban Forest @museemccord #mccordmuseum #mtlmoments #montreal #museum… / Read More →

20 Vivaciously Vibrant #MTLMOMENTS In Autumn

Come fall, the lush greenery of Montreal turns to a stunning explosion of yellow, orange, red, and even purple. But why? Scientifically it’s because the chlorophyll in the leaves have started to break down, due to the shorter days and colder temperatures. This reveals the yellow and orange colours. After a little bit of time, a chemical process creates the red anthocyanin pigments. Science aside, this flash of vibrant colours illuminates the city for its most photogenic moment. Here are 20 vivaciously vibrant #MTLMOMENTS taken by locals and visitors all over the city…

12 #MTLMOMENTS photos confirming that Spring Is Here

Spring is finally here! (Well… mostly.) There might be a few mounds of snow hanging around, but the grass is poking through, and you can tell the tree leaves are aching to come out and chill with us for the summer. Here are 12 springtime #MTLMOMENTS Instagrams, only a few of which contain some super stubborn snow…

#MTLMOMENTS Photo Challenge: 10 Iconic Picture spots

10 iconic spots around the city, 10 pictures, 10 Montreal moments for the scrapbook. Can you complete the #MTLMOMENTS photo challenge? Check out the challenge guide below, but obviously feel free to improvise and add your own along the way and make your own #MTLMOMENTS…

Winter Wonderful #MTLMOMENTS from Instagram

Even with the temperature dipping thanks to the polar vortex, Montrealers and visitors alike have been braving the cold to capture some spectacular (and sometimes peculiar) #MTLMOMENTS…