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Guide to the 2014 Montreal International Jazz Festival

The 35th edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival lights up the city with hundreds of live music concerts, June 26 to July 6. Let our festival guide lead the way through some of the fest’s top-billing sweet sounds and an array of dining, shopping, late-night entertainment, and family-friendly options too…

Montreal Digital Spring Electrifies

Montreal’s reputation as a hub for all things digital is about to become even more well-known with the launch of the first Montreal Digital Spring festival. The city’s digital arts and culture community – from artists to video game designers – unites to present 77 new cutting-edge experiences in electronic art and music…


After the onslaught of rain Montreal received in May, it’s now sparkling clean, and full of green! The gays don’t like the rain (unless it’s raining men, hallelujah) so now June is quickly making up for lost time. Put on your best flip flops, and you slinkiest tank tops because here are 15 gay things you can do in the 30 gay days of June. (Gayune?)