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Great literary reads set in Montréal

There’s nothing like spending some quality time in Montréal’s unique neighbourhoods, parks and cafés to really get a feel for the city, its culture and its people – go one step further by adding the creative, insider perspectives of some of Canada’s bright literary minds. With these books – and a visit to Blue Metropolis lit festival in late April – Montréal might just start feeling like home. Une publication partagée par Bison Books (@bison_books) le 19 Oct. 2015 à 8h34 PDT The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, by Mordecai Richler. Why not start with one of the most famous and award-winning of Montréal-based books? Richler takes us through mid-20th-century Montréal in the satirical yet heartfelt story of a young man, a third-generation Jewish immigrant, who wants nothing more than to succeed in the eyes of his father and grandfather, and thus the world. His schemes, from juggling multiple jobs to conning people, don’t win him much love in the end. with several recognizable landmarks along the way, such as Wilensky’s diner, etc. Not to be overlooked, however, is Richler’s darkly comedic novel Son of a Smaller Hero, also set in Montréal, this time following the life of a young man… / Read More →


Several music legends grace Montreal this week: Neil Young, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, Gilberto Gil, and well, more recent legend Justin Bieber. Whether you’re in town to see any of them or simply here to take in the plentiful sights, sounds and good food, there’s also plenty of entertainment for all ages at holiday fairs, on stage and screen, and out in the streets…