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A guide to Montréal’s must-see neighbourhoods: Part 1

Every enclave of Montréal has its glittering highlights and its open secrets – in Part 1 of our guide, we look at Old Montréal, Griffintown, Little Burgundy, Saint-Henri and Verdun – from restaurants to historical sites, shopping to outdoor adventure, each of the city’s neighbourhoods has something unique to offer. Old Montréal Vieux-Montréal represents the city’s historical heart, yet boasts plenty of modern flare, especially among its boutique hotels and creative eateries. Tread the cobblestone streets past centuries-old architecture to visit museums, cathedrals and art galleries, walk along the Port of Montréal on the St. Lawrence River, dine at heavenly restaurants and charming cafes, relax at a bar or a luxurious spa, go shopping for high-fashion by local and international designers, or wonderfully kitschy souvenirs, take a horse-drawn carriage ride, and see live music and more on the bustling streets. Griffintown In the past few years, some of the city’s hottest restaurants, bars and art galleries have popped up in Griffintown, just south of downtown, joining antique shops and historical sites to heighten the profile of the growing neighbourhood. On the foodie front, breweries and cafés rub shoulders with fine dining and cocktail lounges. One of the city’s larger commercial gallery spaces,… / Read More →


It’s summer in Montreal and the nights are perfect for venturing out to dinner on a bike. “What could be nicer?”, I asked myself while speeding down Atwater Avenue. I turned left on Notre-Dame Street, warm wind in my face. The plan was simple: bike all the way down the street just past the beautiful Basilique Notre-Dame church (which does a cool light show, Et la Lumière Fut), to Quattro restaurant, then dig into a restorative plate of pasta…


Antique furniture collectors are very familiar with the wealth of goodies available on Montreal’s famed Antique Row (a.k.a. rue Notre Dame). If the word “antique” to you denotes dainty porcelain teacups or Baroque Louis XIV legs, there’s a whole other side to furniture shopping that may surprise you…


We started our neighbourhood 101 series with the Plateau before heading south to St-Henri. When picking the next one, it made sense to simply take a quick stroll west through the Atwater market over to Little Burgundy, a neighbourhood rich with history, whose recent revitalization has been due in large part to the strength of its restaurants…