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Montreal Jazz Festival: Some Big Ticket Picks

Bringing in more than 2 million fans a year, the Montreal Jazz Festival is the largest event of its kind in the world. It’s a pretty amazing time to be in Montréal: the summer is in full swing, everyone is out and about, and everywhere you go there’s amazing music playing. It’s Montréal at its best. It’s strolling around the blocked-off streets with a glass of wine and 100,000 new friends watching the biggest free concert you’ve ever seen. It’s sitting down to a show you’ve been waiting to see your whole life. It’s discovering a musician your friends, family and co-workers haven’t even heard of yet.

Music and Beer at Divan Orange

In the summer, there’s no better place to be in Montréal than on busy St-Laurent. One of my favorite spots on The Main, as the street is known locally, is The Divan Orange.

Nightlife at the Museum

In Montreal, you can even party in museums. That’s right, on the first Friday night of every month, the MACM (Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal ) opens its doors to a new way of experiencing its sleek interior and impressive contemporary art collection. Keep reading to find out what this night sounds like…

Music and Food, Montréal-style at Sala Rosa

Sala Rosa is a perfect night out in Montréal, conveniently packed into one building. Meet some friends, have some food and drinks, see some music. No big deal. Find out why I love it…