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A (not-so-short) list of kid-friendly Montréal restaurants

From finicky palates to creeping noise levels to ants-in-the-pants energy, eating out with kids comes with its challenges. To take the stress out of dining out with your brood (no raised eyebrows and baleful looks from fellow patrons), we’ve rounded up some kid-friendly restaurants per neighbourhood. Read on for some good picks to enjoy a meal with your crew. DOWNTOWN Bistro Le Balmoral – An upscale eatery in the Quartier des spectacles that specializes in grilled meats and seafoods and fresh Québec produce. Your gang will love being next door to the festivals. Enoteca Mozza Pizzeria Moderna – Enjoy classic Italian fare in this laid-back eatery. Part of the profits on its of children’s meals go to the Montréal Children’s Hospital Foundation. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Spacious and inviting, with comfy banquettes for kids to squirm around on, from the chain that serves up traditional steakhouse fare. Le Milsa – A Brazilian churrasco, with lots of ambiance, dance and music and heaps of grilled meat, but don’t fear: there’s a vegetarian menu too. Brisket – A downtown deli that serves, among others, smoked meat and grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers and fries, plus pig’s knuckles, if your little rascals… / Read More →

I Dream of Greenie: Veggie Burgers in Montréal

With Montréal gearing up to participate in the 4th edition of Le Burger Week, we have naught but burgers on the brain. Today we turn our attention to the veggie burger. Everybody seems to have their special favourite, inspiring passionate debates and fierce loyalty among the devoted. Don’t yet know if you’re Team Tofu, or part of the Portobello Posse? With no shortage of variations to choose from, you’ll soon find yourself locked in a heated discussion on what makes the perfect patty. Burger de Ville Burger de Ville’s Portobello Burger is perfect for those who feel most satisfied when a sandwich challenges them to unhinge their jaw for a complete bite. The mushroom cap patty’s naturally meaty flavour can be complimented with any number of Burger de Ville’s free toppings. For a little extra, throw on some cheese (and for the omnivorous, add bacon, who’s judging?) Stack it high! Burger de Ville 5282 Saint-Laurent Boulevard | 59 Westminster North, Montréal West Deville Dinerbar The diversity of the veggie burger format is no more evident than in Deville‘s sumptuous Vegan Burger. This upscale downtown diner has flipped the script, making a roasted Portobello mushroom the “bun” itself, and filling it… / Read More →

Top 7 vegan treats in Montréal

Wise ones know that eating vegan doesn’t mean eating boring hippie fare – to the contrary, some of Montréal’s most sinful goodies are vegan. After weeks of testing (can anyone say best job in the world?), we’ve rounded up the treats that prove tasting good and doing good can be one and the same… with a cherry on top. Almond and Dulce de Leche Cupcake Sophie Sucrée (167 Avenue des Pins E., near Hôtel-de-Ville) The cupcakes at Sophie Sucrée at a sight to behold, but they’re just one of the dozens of tempting treats. What a feeling to walk into an emporium like this and know that everything is vegan! From the chocolate chip cookies to the red velvet cake to the pies and tarts and brownies, it’s all sweet heaven here. But the almond and dulce de leche cupcakes, oh Lordy – mellow, caramelly goodness in a box. Lime and Coconut Pie Crudessence (various locations) Crudessence in an all-raw, all-vegan local restaurant chain that’s an amazing success, with cooking classes, a line of kombucha, a line of macaroons and a bunch of desserts distributed in supermarkets too. This pie is the best of their many sweets though, and the… / Read More →

Eating Green: Vegetarian Sandwiches in Montréal

LOLA ROSA: HEMPBURGER A staple in the McGill Ghetto neighbourhood for 11 years, vegetarian favourite Lola Rosa offers up the incomparable “hempburger.” Made in-house, the burger’s patty is composed of a mix of hemp seeds, lentils, chia, and grilled tofu, all held together by Lola’s vegan chipotle BBQ sauce. The bun it’s served on is vegan, and so is its guacamole topping. Diners are welcome to keep it vegan with a tapioca-based faux cheese, or choose instead to garnish with an aged cheddar. The Milton restaurant serves this sandwich up with a beautiful salad, but for those who believe burgers have only one true companion, head up to their Du Parc Avenue location for Lola’s deep-fried chickpea french fries. Lola Rosa: 545 Milton St. / 4581 Du Parc Ave. PANTHÈRE VERTE: FALAFEL The falafels made at La Panthère Verte are known city-wide. Fragrant, lightly spiced, and a perfect balance of crunchy and smooth, they are just the thing to convince skeptics that vegan cuisine is not only delicious, but far broader than they imagine. Better save your “I-told-you-so” for later, though; along with the generous amount of falafel, this pita is stuffed with cabbage, carrots, pickles, sauerkraut, alfalfa sprouts, and… / Read More →

Montreal’s best family-friendly restaurants

  A great way to spend time with family is to gather up around the table for a delicious meal. Finding the right restaurant to accommodate everyone’s standards (and age group) can be a challenge but it’s not impossible…

VIDEO: TASTE MTL restaurant profiles of Milos, Icone and Lola Rosa

Having already looked at downtown Montreal and Griffintown/Saint-Henri in the first two TASTE MTL 2013 videos, we ended the series in two adjacent neighbourhood that are absolutely packed with great restos: Plateau Mont-Royal and Mile End. From the internationally renowned Mediterranean cuisine of Milos to Lola Rosa‘s charming and relaxed vegetarian specialties to the current and seasonal cuisine of Restaurant Icône, there’s absolutely something for every palate (and wallet). So… have you made your reservations yet? Come to Montreal and save with our amazing Sweet Deal Hotel Package!