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Meet a Montrealer: Philippe Demers

Montréal’s MASSIVart and Chromatic co-founder Phillippe Demers is living proof that avant-garde art, international business, punk rock parties, cross-country skiing and next-level doughnut-loving are not mutually exclusive pursuits. The 28-year-old Demers is one of the original minds behind Montreal’s highly regarded and hugely active MASSIVart collective. MASSIVart was created to showcase art (and by extension the artists) by making it more accessible through special events and by taking it out of traditional art spaces to places where one might not otherwise expect it. This mission evolved into the model for Chromatic, an annual arts party/festival showcasing some 150 artists which takes place at the summit of Mount Royal. The social mandate of Chromatic – which also has a commercial services arm that provides events planning and art integration – is to promote artists and make sure their work is accessible to everyone. This year Montréal will be represented at the very first edition of Chromatic in Paris (April 2 to 4). Now let’s meet Demers. When at work, who are you? “I’m the general manager and the co-founder of both Chromatic and MASSIVart.” What’s the coolest thing about your job? “The coolest thing is that it’s never the same. I do… / Read More →

Meet a Montrealer: Daniel Iregui

As the Creative Director and founder of Iregular, Daniel Iregui is one of those people who is responsible for creating the rich, artistic fabric Montréal is known for. He and his colleagues François Loubert-Hudon and David Surprenant mix technology and design to create ambitious, immersive public experiences, which then travel around the world. The next piece they are doing will be at the heart of the Montréal Digital Spring launch, at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC). This is how Daniel experiences Montréal. Job: Creative Director and founder of Iregular Favourite pastime: I have a jam space in my studio where I play music with some friends. It’s always different people, so it’s like a group without a name and without albums. I love Mutek, and the jams we do around Mutek are always particularly inspired. How long have you been a Montrealer? For nine years. I’m originally from Colombia, but I moved to Toronto to finish my studies. Even though I lived there for three years, I always felt like an immigrant; but every time I came to Montréal, it was completely different. I felt at home. It was very strange, and it’s very hard to point out why. I really fell in… / Read More →

Meet a Montrealer: Bastien Poulain

Entrepreneur Bastien Poulain grew up in the seaside town of Biarritz in Southwestern France, but loves his adopted hometown of Montréal so much that he has even named his new soft drink 1642 Cola, a reference to the year that the city of Montréal was established. The package design features an image of a proud Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, the city’s cofounder (along with Jeanne Mance). Poulain launched the cola in November 2014, and the drink – flavoured with a hint of Laurentian maple syrup – offers consumers a high-quality product that is made locally. Age: 31 Job: Founder and creator of 1642 Cola What are some of 1642 Cola’s eco-friendly initiatives? 1642 Cola is an eco-friendly drink made from 100 per cent local products. Our ingredients come from throughout Québec, and our labels are made of recycled paper and not plastic. Our concept was to launch a local soft drink produced in Montréal for Montrealers, thus contributing to the economic growth and vitality of the city, while minimizing the product’s environmental footprint. What has been the reaction to 1642 Cola? It can be weird selling your product to restaurant chefs, because they have tastes. But their reactions have been very good so far. They like… / Read More →

Meet a Montrealer: Dominique Anglade

With a stellar career that has spanned engineering, strategic management and high-level organizational transformations, Dominique Anglade is an unquestionable authority on good business. Who better to have at the helm on Montréal International, then, an organization dedicated to bringing new and exciting business to this fair city? This is how Dominique experiences Montréal. Job: President and CEO of Montréal International Favourite pastime: Dancing and listening to music, both pop and Caribbean. How long have you been a Montrealer? Since birth. What’s the coolest thing you’ve done so far this year? Going to the Karnaval Kanpe, at SAT. It was a party in honour of the Kanpe Foundation, where there was a mix of Caribbean and techno music, dance routines, Haitian items for sale, makeup booths – all sorts of things to recall Haiti. What’s your favourite Montréal memory? Camping in Oka, which by the way is part of Greater Montréal, as a kid. It was in the woods, by the lake, with a tent – the whole nine yards. What’s your favourite Montréal restaurant? Européa. Where do you like to go for drinks with friends? We usually hang out either at their house or mine, but if we go out… / Read More →


Many people don’t realize it, but Mr. Christmas himself is a Montrealer. Each year, to get his fix of culture and fine dining, Santa Claus spends July and August in his Montreal summer home in the trendy neighborhood of Mile End, where he goes incognito in traditional Hasidic Jewish garb. Despite the über-busy time of year for Santa, he made a bit of time for The Montreal Buzz to chat over eggnog lattes at juliette & chocolat last weekend.


Michel Rabagliati is a graphic novelist born and based in Montreal. He has written several semi-autobiographical comic books featuring the life and times of a fellow named Paul. In 1999, his first publication, Paul in the Country, earned him a Harvey Award for Best New Talent. We feel this is pretty darn neat. And we think you should meet Michel.


David Usher is many things: musician, humanitarian, artist and father. He’s rocked around the country with his band Moist, won a handful of Junos (the Canadian ‘Grammy’) and has had radio hits on three continents. And we love him for all those reasons. But he remains especially near and dear to our hearts because he’s a Montrealer.


Meet Jean-Aymeri. He’s a man-about-town; his Facebook and Twitter accounts vibrating with the tales of a man on the move. In fact, he’s so connected and “on the scene” that I hope he doesn’t steal my job. I’m watching you De Magistris! Anyway, between his projects in art, design and fashion, this man’s got his fingers in multiple pies! But, you’re wondering, how can you get Jean-Aymeri’s fingers in your pie? Read and find out.


Dr. Robert Rutledge is a hunky associate professor in the Department of Physics at McGill University. His work is primarily in observational high energy astrophysics, studying the behavior of neutron stars and black holes. Dr. Rutledge recently participated in the discovery of the most distant stellar object ever found, a gamma ray burst that occurred when the Universe was only 625 million years old. Which, believe it or not, is the exact same age as Celine Dion’s husband, René Angélil. But Dr. Rutledge isn’t all soft-gamma repeaters and quiescent low-mass x-ray binaries, he’s also an expert on our national dish — Poutine! Keep reading to discover the delicate relationship between astrophysics and poutine…


Misstress Barbara wants you to know that she is not simply pushing buttons. After 14 years as an internationally renowned House/Techno DJ, the queen of the turntable is exchanging her vinyl records for guitars and keyboards. And she’ll be proving her nouvelle stage personna  again this weekend at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Miss B is now a certified band performer. And if last year’s sold out show was any indication of the potential that Misstress Barbara has to rock out sans “hiding-in-a-DJ-booth,” then we have much to look forward to this second time through.