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The Montréal metro seen through the lens of Chris Forsyth

Chris Forsyth is a Montréal-based architecture photographer who has been creating a photo archive of Montréal’s iconic metro system. The idea of capturing the artistry of the city’s underground architecture developed as Chris rode the metro each day. He realized that many people – especially Montrealers who commute on the subway every day – overlook the beauty of the stations’ design. The Montréal Metro Project is an ongoing photo series that aims to showcase the uniqueness of each station and to encourage Montrealers and visitors alike to see the metro in a new light. SHERBROOKE JEAN-TALON ASSOMPTION BERRI-UQAM CHARLEVOIX DE L’ÉGLISE DE LA SAVANE JARRY LAURIER LIONEL-GROULX To see more images from the project, visit

HEAVY MTL 2013: Avenged Sevenfold, Steel Panther, Megadeth and more

For the most part, parody bands are usually just that: a joke. A good laugh with not a lot of legs longevity-wise. L.A.-based comedy rockers Steel Panther – appearing on one of the two main stages at the 2013 edition of Montreal’s hugely popular outdoor hard rock festival Heavy MTL, August 10 & 11 – turn that convention on its head. Superb hair metal satirists though they be, Steel Panther have rapidly accrued metal cred comparable to that of more serious-minded peers, sharing stages with the likes of Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses…

10 Great Montreal videos

We’ve curated what we think is a pretty great list of our favourite videos featuring Montreal-  check them out…