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Aura: (re)discover the Notre-Dame Basilica

Anyone who has ever flipped through a Montréal travel guide or checked out the Tourisme Montréal website knows that, nestled in the heart of the city’s oldest neighbourhood, there lies a magnificent basilica named after its first parish, Notre-Dame. Sharing a name with one of the most famous cathedrals in Europe, it remains among Montréal’s best known buildings to this day. They say its architecture and interior decoration are well worth the trip—and they’re right! Notre-Dame Basilica is much more than a 188-year-old heritage church; it is a magnificent, globally-minded place that strives to share its beauty and architectural wealth through a program worthy of a great cultural centre. This mission inspired the show AURA, which opened on Monday. It is the latest project by the Montréal visual and sound effects company Moment Factory, known, among other things, for lighting up Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia in 2011. Watch this video for a sneak peek at the multimedia show. See you again in one minute, 11 seconds. Well? Looks pretty interesting, doesn’t it? Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s impossible not to be moved by the beauty of religious art and architecture, regardless of the faith.  And what better way to… / Read More →

Living Connections shows the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in a new light

Short of Mount Royal itself, as major features of Montréal’s landscape go, they don’t get much more iconic than the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. And in honour of the city’s 375th birthday this year, and Canada’s 150th anniversary, Montréal multimedia magic makers Moment Factory are making the iron giant even more spectacular by converting it into a massive, illuminated interactive art piece titled Living Connections. The Jacques-Cartier Bridge links the island of Montréal to the city’s South Shore over the St. Lawrence River, and is one of the primary gateways to the United States. Approximately 36 million vehicles cross the winding, steel truss cantilever bridge each year, making the Jacques-Cartier the third busiest bridge in Canada. So as actual living connections go, they don’t get much more lively than that. It makes for an ideal canvas for Moment Factory’s feat of creative engineering, and what will become the signature visual element of the city’s year-long celebrations. Commencing May 17, 2017 (the date of Montréal’s anniversary), the Jacques-Cartier Bridge will be bathed in pulsing, interactive lighting activated in real time. The bridge’s illumination will change colour and intensity depending on the season of the year and the spirit of the city (e.g., the… / Read More →


Elixir, the new multimedia light show created by Moment Factory premiered last week at Montreal’s Place des Festivals.  The multimedia light, water & sound extravaganza tells the magical tale of the encounter between a pixel and a drop of water.  After watching the show two times in a row (to get to see it from a different perspective – you should try it too), I interviewed the Quartier des spectacles’ general manager Pierre Fortin, along with Sakchin Bessette, Moment Factory’s creative director and co-founder.