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MTLàTABLE: Where to dine and party all night long

Are you a night owl that enjoys a good brew and great grub? Then look no further for great ideas on where to dine and party during MTLàTABLE. Vue de notre bar principal, where all the action happens 😉 #mimilanuit #vieuxmontreal Photo Randall Brodeur Une photo publiée par Mimi la nuit (@mimilanuit) le 31 Mai 2016 à 11h55 PDT Eats and excitement at Montréal supper clubs Nestled in Old Montréal, on oh-so-chic Saint-Paul Street, Mimi la nuit, is a sophisticated and supercharged bar offering small but spectacular dishes until 3 a.m. from Thursday to Saturday. It’s the perfect combination of fine dining and a rocking party around an open-concept kitchen. As you’d expect, they have a carefully curated wine list and outstanding signature cocktail menu to keep you hydrated throughout the soirée. Over in the downtown core, Restaurant Soubois is a bistro, bar and nightclub. Featuring exceptional interior design, this underground forest is open till 3 a.m., Thursday through Saturday. While the menu focuses on local products, the unique atmosphere is totally out of this world! On the same wavelength, there’s Buonanotte, an upscale Italian restaurant that’s been shaking up the Main since 1991. La Champagnerie is a suitably sparkling… / Read More →

Montreal Facebook and Instagram fans share their favourite 5-a-7

If there’s anything that Montreal does better than brunch (and we brunch like bosses) it would be the ubiquitous 5 à 7, also known as “happy hour.” We call it 5-à-7 because it happens between after work and before dinner, but trust me it’s just as happy.

Montréal’s best Irish pubs

[Updated on March 8, 2016] The Irish pubs of Montréal are among the very best places to get an authentic taste of the city’s nightlife while also satisfying your thirst. Though renowned for our wealth of high-end, fancy cocktails spots, if you’re looking for a simple, friendly place to get a pint of beer and some great pub food, Montréal has you covered. You may be surprised to learn the extent of Montréal’s connection to Ireland. When the Great Irish Famine hit the Emerald Isle, large numbers of Irish immigrants made their way to the new world, many of whom settled in Montréal. It’s perhaps not all that surprising that they were received well by the French Canadians – both groups were Catholic and both groups (this part is largely anecdotal) enjoy a good drink, song and a party. For proof, look no further than Montréal’s annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade, one of the largest in the world (and a heck of a good time). In that spirit, let this be your guide to some of the city’s best Irish pubs….. McKibbins Irish Pub – 1426 Bishop Street and  3515 Saint- Laurent Boulevard A very authentic slice of Ireland, of… / Read More →