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A Cultural Autumn with Karine Vanasse

On September 8, Québec audiences were glued to their television screens for the finale of Radio-Canada’s Vengeance, the French adaptation of Revenge, to find out what would become of Karine Vanasse’s character. Last April, the actress who plays Margaux LeMarchal, the powerful and ultra-rich heiress of a French media mogul, found out that there would not be a fifth season of the popular Mike Kelley show, whose ratings have exceeded 10 million viewers on ABC. “At first, I was only supposed to be in eight episodes of season 3. In the end, I shot over 40 episodes,” Karine states. Although she is disappointed that Vengeance was not renewed, she is happy to have some free time to pursue other interests. “The last season took nearly nine months to film,” explains the actress. “Since Vengeance has been cancelled, I can return to Québec and be part of a new television series, Luc Dionne’s Blue Moon.” She’ll also be present for the premiere of the movie she co-produced, Paul à Québec. Out and about in Montréal “It feels great to be back in Montréal,” she states. “I want to find out everything that’s been happening on the cultural front. One of my… / Read More →