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Catch Trends on the Move with Montréal’s Fashion Trucks

Saddle up to the window, lean in, and order… a sweatshirt? Yes siree, after the worldwide trend of food trucks comes the new kid on the block: fashion trucks. Rather than carry the overhead of a street-front boutique, young designers from New York to Paris to Montréal are choosing to take their style on the high road. Why not, when you can drive to a new neighbourhood everyday, open your doors, and bring your customers the looks they want right at their doorsteps? Here’s a guide to Montréal’s new upwardly mobile fashion fleet. To know where there are right now, click their names to access their sites! OLDWIG The pink flamingos on the side of the truck say it: there’s whimsy and kitsch afoot! The Oldwig fashion truck contains vintage goods galore, both apparel and the occasional object. Whether you’re looking for that perfect vintage Adidas track jacket or the pair of cut-offs of your dreams, dive into the jam-packed selection and see what you can find. COVEN Dreamt up by a collective of fashion school graduates, the sleek white Coven truck with black logo announces its aesthetic – think stylish, minimalist, but overall, affordable. That was the whole idea… / Read More →

5 Montréal essentials: scarves

Montréal may be chilly in wintertime, but it’s a hotbed of creativity. Known for its unique Euro-American approach to style, the city is rife with fashion designers that make ordinary objects extraordinary, and create souvenirs actually worth bringing back. Get a load of the five hottest – literally – made-in-Montréal scarves out there these days. Mélissa Nepton Montréal designer Mélissa Nepton created a series of gorgeous scarves in her F/W collection, including the thick and chunky, grey, 100% wool felt Agathe scarf (pictured extreme left). It’s neutral enough for both genders, warm as heck and about five miles long, with an oversized fringe that gives it its signature flair. Find it online, or at carriers like Espace Pépin (350 Saint-Paul Street West), Unicorn (5135 Saint-Laurent Boulevard) and Olam (1374 Sainte-Catherine Street West) $88   Eve Gravel Always one to put a sexy twist on simple things, Eve Gravel dressed up the tube scarf with touches of leatherette this season. Available in both dark heather grey and sleek black, the scrunchy Tea Party scarf will give a sculptural look to any overcoat. Find it online, or at carriers like Onze (4151 Saint-Laurent Boulevard), Belle & Rebelle (6321 Saint-Hubert Street) and Simons… / Read More →

Montreal Designer Duo UNTTLD Shine Off Screen

With their collection of touchably sleek and sexy women’s wear now at Simons department store as well as in Old Montreal at the beautiful Quai 417, it’s a cinch to get a piece by UNTTLD, Montreal’s most vibrant young fashion duo, to bring home as a souvenir…


Chicoutimi-born designer Eve Gravel moved to Montreal at the young age of 18 to pursue her studies in fashion. Since then, she’s become a symbol of the exciting local designer scene, with an ever-growing distribution (now in the U.S. and Europe!) and a loyal fan base…


Montreal Fashion Week is always cause for celebration, but in the drudgery of grey February, nothing lifts the spirit like the bright lights, flashing bulbs and glamour of groundbreaking fashion shows…