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No more FOMO – here are the must-see Jazz Fest concerts of 2016

While freedom of choice is fundamental to our existence as individuals, it can be a serious pain in the butt when it comes to choosing what shows to go see at the massive annual Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. From June 29 to July 9 in the Quartier des Spectacles, the Jazz Fest will welcome some 3,000 musicians and entertainers at over 1,000 concerts and activities (two thirds of which are free). So with your happiness front of mind, and to help make your choices easier, we’ve cobbled together a list of many of the must-see concerts at the festival this year. June 29 The Jazz Fest’s esteemed opening concert slot goes to eminently worthy American singer-guitarist-pianist Melody Gardot. This will be the first of two shows (the other on June 30) by the crazily charismatic performer… From punk to folk to blues to soul, the constantly evolving Cat Power returns to the fest for the first time in a decade for an assuredly entrancing solo set. June 30 In the Double Whammy Dept., emotive and imaginative Japanese piano virtuoso Hiromi returns to the festival with her 10th album, Spark, and she will be preceded by Colombian harpist sensation Edmar Castaneda… And on the topic of virtuosos, what would a jazz festival be… / Read More →

Your Montréal Digital Spring Survival Guide

When it comes to creative high-tech, Montréal ranks among the top cities in the world, often being called the capital of the digital arts in North America. New digital arts projects, video game production, the visual effects industry and virtual reality innovations all thrive here and are among the many reasons why Montréal Digital Spring has garnered international attention. The annual citywide event promises to free your mind and your body with interactive exhibitions and audio-visual performances, architectural installations and contemporary creations that cross artistic and scientific currents. Rules are meant to be broken during Digital Spring, so follow our Survival Guide to see the city of the future, now. THE EVENT  The 3rd edition of Montréal Digital Spring digital arts and culture initiative, at various locations throughout Montréal from March 21 to June 21, 2016. WHAT YOU’RE GETTING YOURSELF INTO Whether you’re a forerunner in cutting-edge technology or your kids just figured out your smart phone for you, Montréal Digital Spring can take you however deep into the high-tech arts rabbit hole you desire. Also known as Printemps numérique, Digital Spring partners with local arts and culture organizations – meaning the whole city gets in on the act, from… / Read More →

Montréal celebrates Black History Month 2015

Montréal’s 24th annual Black History Month features 28 days packed with museum and art gallery exhibitions, lectures, special events and concerts throughout the city in February. This year’s theme is “Stand for something” (“Défends tes convictions”), which was inspired by activist Malcolm X, who was assassinated 50 years ago. “We wanted to pay tribute to the leader that is Malcolm X,” says Michael P. Farkas, president of Montréal’s Round Table on Black History Month. “His detractors tried to cast a shadow on a considerable legacy. This edition is a chance to commemorate X’s fight for the right to justice and equality, which led to a global mobilisation through the affirmation and inclusion of Black communities. Stand for Something represents the civil actions that resulted in great common good.” This year’s celebrity spokespersons are singer-songwriters Valérie Daure (formerly of Dubmatique and Bran Van 3000), and soul man Alan Prater. “It’s an honour to lend my voice to this crucial event,” says Prater, longtime musician for Michael Jackson and whose R’n’B band  JAMAD (which features bass player Al Baculis, drummer Max Sansalone and Tina Turner’s piano player, Joel Campbell) headlines Rosalie’s Bar (1232 De la Montagne Street) every Thursday beginning at 9 p.m. Over 100 organizations are participating in Montréal’s Black History Month this year. Here are some… / Read More →

Electronic evolution at Mutek 2013

For 14 years, Mutek has been moving minds and bodies with the latest and greatest sounds to come out of the vast genre of electronic music. The electronic music and culture festival does everything right again this year, with deep-listening performances, incredible visuals, free shows by local artists, a Piknic Electronik afternoon, and the fest’s signature five nights of late-night dancing, May 29 to June 2…


City of Lights, City That Never Sleeps… what are you when you’re both? You’re Montreal during the annual Nuit Blanche and Art Souterrain, that’s what – the arty party night to end all party nights in the city that parties all the time…