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Who Loves the Sun

The return of summer in Montréal means that you can stay up late all night, enjoy wine and cheese in the park, and flipflop your way through the city with sparkling pop songs in your iPod. And whether you speak English or French, fun is multilingual. Read more about my first taste of summer in 2009.

In the studio with Plants and Animals

In many ways, Plants and Animals perfectly represent the diversity that makes Montreal’s music scene so magical. Made up of one Francophone and two Maritime-expats, this trio formed while taking classes together in Concordia University’s Music Department. Their 2008 full-length debut album, which was nominated for two Junos and the Polaris Music prize, was titled Parc Avenue – a nod to the lively and eclectic street on which most of the group lives. Recently, a photographer friend and I hung out in the studio as they worked on their new album…

Making Imelda Marcos Jealous

“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.” Thank goodness you don’t have to own as many shoes as Imelda Marcos to feel like you’re on top of the world! Although it is nice to own a few gorgeous pairs…

Highlights from the FIFA

This year’s International Festival of Films on Art showcased the work of artists and disciplines through the lens of talented filmmakers.

A Jog with a View

Coming on vacation to Montréal and want to keep up with your exercise routine? I have the perfect plan for you! It’s called Mount Royal, aka The Lungs of Montréal!


Like the city itself, Montreal’s concert scene begins to heat up in the spring before exploding into an almost-overwhelming array of music when the summer festival season rolls around…

St Laurent Montreal: top 5 restaurants

Montreal’s St Laurent Blvd. is teeming with restaurants, odd buildings, grocery stores and cozy cafés. In fact, if there’s one place to eat in this city, it’s Saint Laurent. Running north-south, this street (aka “The Main”) starts in Old Montreal, goes through Chinatown, passes the “jet-set” corner of Sherbrooke Street, goes through the Portuguese neighbourhood, the trendy Plateau and Mile-End areas and all the way up into Little Italy. Yep, a ride on the 55 bus (the one that goes up St-Laurent) is a trip unto itself!

Desperately seeking the best croissant in Montréal

Good news: Delicious croissants abound in Montréal. In fact, some neighbourhoods in this city boast as many bakeries as their Parisian counterparts. But since you can’t possibly spend your entire weekend in Montréal testing croissants (or can you?), I thought I’d put my personal favourites to the test, so that you can sink your teeth into our city’s finest with no further ado.

WWF and Localicious in Montreal restaurants

Yum, yum! Do Kamouraska lamb knuckles or Quebec veal cheeks make your mouth water? These are just two of the unique dishes offered in Montreal restaurants participating in the Localicious benefit event for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).