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Montreal Cooking: Classes at La Guilde Culinaire

Let’s face it, food is one of the best aspects of almost any vacation. And what better way to discover local foods than taking a cooking class? It’s a little more original than a bus tour! You learn something new, meet people and jump straight into the local food culture. Plus, you get new recipes to bring home.

Montreal Through the Lens of Photographers

September is Photo Month in Montreal, or Le Mois de la photo, as it is officially called. Held bi-annually, it is Montreal’s biggest photographic event. Everywhere in the city, you’ll be able to find artwork from internationally acclaimed photographers and artists. Remarkable photos will be displayed in museums and art galleries, but also in the street, and on the walls of old industrial buildings. This year’s theme is “The Spaces of the Image,” which invites people to be part of a truly memorable experience about our perception of photography. Read the full story to know more about this exceptional photographic event.

Montreal’s Top 5 Hotels for Art Lovers

I’ve always loved hotel rooms, because they allow you to truly be yourself – or somebody else, like a crazy rock star or a Russian oligarch. And there’s that level of intimacy and solitude that’s almost impossible to achieve at home. Read more to find my suggestions of the best hotels to get inspired in Montreal.

How to Spend a Weekend in Montreal

Last weekend, journalist extraordinaire Darrell Hartman and I walked through the streets of Montreal, chasing art galleries, museums and shops, having drinks and enjoying summertime in public parks. As his host, I wanted to show him what Montreal is really about. Read the full story to find out more.

Top 5 Montreal Myths Debunked

Last week, I was in New York City meeting with locals from the Big Apple and giving away free trips to Montreal (Oh, isn’t life rough?) And as I interacted with people on the street, I quickly realized that many myths about Montreal persist in the collective imagination of Americans. Myths that need some rapid debunking…

5 Places to Enjoy Jazz Music in Montreal

The MONTREAL JAZZ FEST has just wrapped up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find great spots around the city to hear trumpets and saxophones year-round. Here’s my list of recommendations for those of you who missed some of the big gigs from the summer festival. Read out more about my alternative picks to enjoy up-and-coming young musicians, old ragtime classics or world-influenced jazz beats.

Tourism Montreal bloggers invade New York

Dear New York, My fellow Tourism Montreal bloggers and I are about to fly into New York to lay some French kisses all over your big apples. We’ll be in town this Thursday and Friday, July 16th and 17th, for a guerilla-style assault on the romantic imaginations and recession-strapped wallets of New Yorkers…

Montreal in Monocle’s Top 25 Liveable Cities

Montreal made Monocle magazine’s Top 25 Liveable Cities in the World for the third year in a row. But Tyler Brûlé’s team is thinking perhaps the city might be lacking new and inventive structures, and should improve its urban landscape. I don’t agree. Find out my answer to this month’s issue of Monocle about how Montreal is changing itself.

Ode to Michael Jackson… à la Montréal

The internet is fluttering with news that Michael Jackson has died. Like a fruit fly to a pride parade, scandal seemed to follow the much-loved Jacko. Yet despite the wide ranging opinions of him, it is difficult to argue Michael’s immense musical contribution. In honor of the man and his music, here is a clip of a Montréal busker doing a fricking amazing ONE MAN cover of “Billie Jean”. He was clearly an icon. But was he a gay icon? Leave a comment. Have your say.

Fashion and Design Festival of Montréal

Fashion & Design Festival kicks off this Wednesday at the heart of Downtown Montréal! That means that McGill Avenue is transforming into a giant open-air runway and that models, avid shoppers and tourists are taking over the streets for one big party!