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Kusmi tea boutique opens in Montreal

Good news for tea lovers: The prestigious Kusmi tea house decided to open its doors in the New World and chose your city as its first destination.

Montreal Dance: The Fall 2009 Season

Fall is just around the corner, and as the temperature cools down, creativity heats up. And nowhere is this more evident than at Montreal’s various dance venues. The Montreal dance scene’s new fall season proposes some exciting works from talented local dancers and international choreographers. Read more to find out why you shouldn’t leave Montreal without taking in an evening of ground-breaking dance performances.

Made à Montréal :::: BLANK Clothing

For me there is nothing sexier than a man in a basic, slim-cut, cotton T-shirt. The T-shirt is arguably the fashion item of the 21st century, enabling the wearer to share personal expressions and to express excited nipples. We all buy them, and we all want to look hot in them. Originally T-shirts were worn as undershirts, too causal to sport in public. But these days a smartly cut T-shirt with a CHEEKY SLOGAN, can make you the star of any party. If you’re like me, you want to look hot, but you also want to make conscientious consumer choices. Is what I’m buying affordable? Is it made with fair labour practices? What are the environmental impacts? It hasn’t been easy to combine sexiness and social/environmental responsibility. That was until BLANK came along. BLANK is one of my favourite clothing boutiques in Montréal. It offers well designed cotton basics that are actually made here in Montréal. So when you’re in town for your Montréal weekend getaway, you’ll definitely want to make a pit stop to stock up. I chatted with Martin Delisle, co-founder of BLANK about his ‘innovative’ store. BLANK Boutique & Showroom 4276 St. Laurent Blvd (Between Rachel &… / Read More →

Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles Unveiled

I’ve already mentioned a few projects that were going on in Montreal in MY RESPONSE to Tyler Brûlé’s Monocle issue about the world’s Top 25 Liveable Cities. One of these major initiatives is the Quartier des Spectacles (that’s French for “performance neighbourhood”), which will encompass a large portion of the downtown area. Near St. Laurent Blvd. and Ste. Catherine Street, the Quartier des Spectacles will offer tourists and locals the opportunity to discover the latest in theatre, music, cinema, dance, design, visual arts and several other disciplines, in more than 80 cultural venues.

Fine Dining in Montreal: 100 meals at Bronte

I’ve known for a long time that Bronte is one of Montreal’s best fine dining restaurants. Chef Joe Mercuri is a master when it comes to creating unusal fusions of textures and flavours. But when I finally went to eat there (a treat for my birthday!), I was astonished to meet a local couple that has eaten there more than a 100 times.

Montreal Culture Tour: Little Burgundy

Montreal’s working class district of Little Burgundy is transforming itself into a new trendy neighbourhood, while never forgetting its past or denying its roots. Follow me on a tour of this old part of the city that has found the way to fight back recessions and crises.

Montreal Film: World Film Festival 2009

Focusing on independent, mostly unknown films from the four corners of the world, Montreal’s World Film Festival has very little in common with Toronto’s International Film Festival. Without any big Hollywood productions, some people might say it lacks sparkles and glamour, but I think the opposite; a film festival should be about real, unforgettable filmmaking, not Dior dresses and big-name movie stars. Read the full story to know why the World Film Festival attracted Ingrid Bergman instead of Brad Pitt.

Montreal Cooking: Classes at La Guilde Culinaire

Let’s face it, food is one of the best aspects of almost any vacation. And what better way to discover local foods than taking a cooking class? It’s a little more original than a bus tour! You learn something new, meet people and jump straight into the local food culture. Plus, you get new recipes to bring home.

Montreal Through the Lens of Photographers

September is Photo Month in Montreal, or Le Mois de la photo, as it is officially called. Held bi-annually, it is Montreal’s biggest photographic event. Everywhere in the city, you’ll be able to find artwork from internationally acclaimed photographers and artists. Remarkable photos will be displayed in museums and art galleries, but also in the street, and on the walls of old industrial buildings. This year’s theme is “The Spaces of the Image,” which invites people to be part of a truly memorable experience about our perception of photography. Read the full story to know more about this exceptional photographic event.

Montreal’s Top 5 Hotels for Art Lovers

I’ve always loved hotel rooms, because they allow you to truly be yourself – or somebody else, like a crazy rock star or a Russian oligarch. And there’s that level of intimacy and solitude that’s almost impossible to achieve at home. Read more to find my suggestions of the best hotels to get inspired in Montreal.