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Go west, young man, go west: a day in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

Located at the westernmost tip of the island of Montréal, a mere 25 minute drive from the city centre is the charming waterfront town of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. Nestled between Lac des Deux Montanges and Lac Saint-Louis, at the confluence of the St-Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, there’s little wonder why the town’s name “de Bellevue” translates to “of the beautiful view”. Home to all manner of local artisans, farmers, historians, activists, academics and entrepreneurs of all ages, Sainte-Anne never fails to capture the hearts of those who visit it. Below are a few examples to showcase how this little town au bout de l’île has small and active culture—and tourist industry—all of its own. Sainte-Anne is probably best known for its scenic canal, where boats fill the waterway and busy terraces line the boardwalk. For those of us who crave the open water, SkiWakeSurf and Griffin Sailing Tours are two Sainte Anne institutions committed to getting you out on the lake. SkiWakeSurf offers both individual and group lessons and activities for those who want to paddle surf, waterski, or wakeboard. Another option is to hop on a jet ski for a thrilling guided ride, or rent one yourself with a valid license…. / Read More →

Hikes and treks in Montreal: Get active and see the city!

Montreal has many spectacular hikes and walks, which are a great way to see the sights while keeping active on vacation. So grab some sensible walking shoes and enjoy the nature, fresh air, and beautiful scenery of a city trek…

Things to Do in Montreal: May 10-16

With the sweet scent of spring blossoms in the air, Montreal begins a new season of activity and entertainment, not to mention plenty to please every mom for Mother’s Day, whether that’s being outdoors, going to the ballet or the theatre, eating fabulous food, taking in some art, or rocking out to live music…