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Les Hivernales kickstarts an exhilarating 375th Montréal winter

When snow falls in Montréal this winter, it’ll be a cause for commotion – the good, fun, go-play-outdoors kind. A major event for Montréal’s 375th anniversary, Les Hivernales proves that this city loves to party all year round, no matter what the weather. Montréal has held plenty of winter events over the years, from the Montréal Snowshoe Club’s 1882 carnival to much more recent MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE and Fêtes des Neiges, but Les Hivernales takes winter traditions to new heights in an all-out celebration of Montréal’s 375th anniversary. From January 6 to March 11 in Old Montréal, downtown’s Quartier des spectacles and Parc Jean-Drapeau, you’ll find activities for all ages – from pond hockey to late-night outdoor parties – that blend tradition with high-tech artistry, extreme sports and the city’s unique urban culture. In true Montréal style, Les Hivernales begins with a serious bang: the Barbegazi winter action sports festival transforms downtown’s l’îlot Clark into a wild (and free) obstacle course for two weekends, January 6-8 and 13-15 – hike through a forest, walk over a replica of the Jacques Cartier Bridge and more. Then see how you handle snowskating (yes, skateboarding on ice), fatbiking, wood cutting and Christmas-tree throwing… / Read More →

10 Best Spots for Fall Photos in Montréal

Montréal in the fall is awash in a sea of colours. Pretty much the whole city looks stunning, but there are some spots that stand out as downright epic – as if Mother Nature planned a photo op. Here are 10 of our favourite spots for drop-dead gorgeous shots; make sure you check them out and tag us on your Insta posts! #MTLmoments #fallintomontreal Beaver Lake Just shy of the top of the pride of the city, Mount Royal, Beaver Lake is a man-made pond that turns into a skating rink in the winter. Before that, though, it reflects the surrounding trees in all their rainbow coloured splendour. Mount-Royal Cemetery Not that we’re morbid or anything, but nothing will put you in a Halloweenie mood like a walk through the cemetery at the top of Mount Royal – the vegetation is gorgeous, and the graves are a fascinating way to get a piece of local history. Marché Jean-Talon One of Montréal’s many amazing public markets, Marché Jean-Talon flanks Little Italy and is a picturesque outing where you can pick up all sorts of souvenirs, from local cheeses to specialty wines to cut flowers to beautify your hotel room. Lachine Canal… / Read More →

Huit, an ode to the city by eight Montrealers

The photographer Naomie Fontaine, alias @fleurde.lys was bit by the mobile photo bug. The web designer loves nothing more than to capture those rare, fleeting moments on her walks around neighbourhoods, to parks and restaurants, her curiosity insatiable. 🚲 ☕️ 🌵 Une photo publiée par Naomi Fontaine (@fleurde.lys) le 24 Août 2015 à 12h56 PDT The Photo It was the sight of the turquoise bike that first caught her eye, then the two smiling women behind the window, seated at a wooden bar. The concept Mathieu was enchanted by this typical Montréal scene, viewed from the outside. He is one of the eight filmmakers to whom Tourisme Montréal gave carte blanche as part of its second component of #MTLmoments, entitled #MTLmoments/PERSPECTIVES. Why do we love Montréal? He posed this question to eight individuals, all presented behind a glass surface, with the same gentle touch that infused Naomie’s photo. In the window, the city is reflected, echoing each person’s story. The result Huit is a touching tribute by eight Montrealers to their city. For director Mathieu Grimard, the seed was planted by a photo Naomie on her Instagram account, posted for #MTLmoments, a Tourisme Montréal initiative that has translated into more… / Read More →

Appliqués for Sun, a summer day in Montréal

The photographer Maxime Sauriol (alias xim_Sauriol on Instagram), a 30-year-old creator and content curator, has an eagle eye for detail. After long days spent in front of his computer, he likes to shift gears and create content in unique places that he captures on his phone. It’s always so cool to shoot in the #Underground! Une photo publiée par Maxime Sauriol (@xim_sauriol) le 11 Nov. 2015 à 15h36 PST The Photo One day, in a part of Montréal’s underground network (under the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, in the Quartier international), he was struck by an absolutely ordinary but photo-worthy scene: two tourists trying to figure out the city’s underground pedestrian network map, their silhouette reflected on the ground, gleaming. The concept The photo taken by Maxime and reposted by Tourisme Montréal as part of its #MTLmoments campaign, served as a springboard for the short 16 mm film shot by Melissa, one of eight filmmakers given carte blanche to share their vision of Montréal for the second segment of #MTLmoments. That simple moment was enough to inspire Melissa for her Appliqués for Sun diptych. Minimalist close-ups, also surreal, make up this charming and refreshing ode to a Montréal… / Read More →

TTYL: Montréal by night

The photo and the photographer Joel Fernandez, alias @urbansniper514 wanted to capture the city from above. Joel, 26 years old, son of an immigrant family, born in Montréal, is studying photography at Dawson College. His goal was to present a different depth to the city centre than the usual photos of downtown areas. Follow your dreams, no matter where they might take you… Une photo publiée par Joel Fernandez (@urbansniper514) le 16 Nov. 2015 à 17h48 PST The concept @urbansniper514 photo, piqued Iouri’s curiosity. This image of feet dangling in the air, how could that not be an invitation to do something daring? “Follow your dreams, no matter where they might take you…” Beyond vertigo, it induces euphoria, and the impression that, right now, anything is possible. Iouri Philippe Paillé took the long view for his short. To film TTYL, he decided to shoot in anamorphic widescreen, a format reminiscent of the old CinemaScope. Capturing Montréal by night has never felt so realistic. The result From there, Iouri took his cue and framed his Montréal moment by plunging us into the city’s nightlife, on a sense-stimulating three-in-the-morning foray. A visual and auditory incursion (the music is by Montréal electronic group Le Matos) into… / Read More →

Rendez-Vous: a buzzy, behind-the-scenes look at Montréal’s Olympic Stadium

The photo Two round metal cones; between them, the inclined tower of the Olympic Stadium, pointing to an overcast sky. This is the photo taken by Tavi Andrio, alias @ttaavvii, the Instagrammer who added his picture to the more than 400,000 photos snapped on the go and shared by Tourisme Montréal with the hashtag #MTLmoments. Olympic Fever 🔥 Une photo publiée par ✉️ (@ttaavvii) le 1 Août 2015 à 9h24 PDT The concept The composition, which features a subtle blend of greys, caught the eye of Yan Giroux, one of eight directors to whom Tourisme Montréal gave carte blanche to create a two- to five-minute short film from a #MTLmoments photo of their choice. All films created will become part of the  #MTLmoments/PERSPECTIVES series, which will showcase the stunning array of #MTLmoments. The photographer Tavi is passionate about photography. He loves wandering the city, looking for new places that he can immortalize in the click of a shutter. He was struck by the peculiar ambiance of the moment and the contrasting forms and materials. Yan Giroux has always been under the spell of the Olympic Stadium. It was Tavi’s photo that inspired him to pay hommage to this iconic Montréal… / Read More →

#MTLmoments/PERSPECTIVES: Short films showcasing Montréal

Everyone knows it: Montréal is captivating. A simple stroll along its streets offers up the kind of experiences that turn into unforgettable memories. And we all have a Montréal moment etched in our mind that we have immortalized in a photograph with the help of our favourite electronic gadget. Funny, moving, festive and alluring, these moments paint a picture of Montréal as seen by the people who live here or are just passing through. To give residents as well as visitors the chance to share these instants on social media, Tourisme Montréal invited photographers to share their photos with the hashtag #MTLmoments. Over the years, 400,000 shots taken on the spot tell the story of the city. Today, Tourisme Montréal is showcasing the scope of the #MTLmoments iniative with #MTLmoments/PERSPECTIVES. For this new component, eight Montréal directors will bring one of these #MTLmoments to life in a two- to five-minute film, taking these slices of city life from real to reel. The result is a tribute to the teeming creativity of our city. A quick look at these film clips will convince you in a heartbeat! Yan Giroux, Iouri Philippe Paillé, Mathieu Grimard and Melissa Matos, the four directors who were given… / Read More →

A round-up of some of our favourite #MTLmoments of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we thought it would be fun to look back at all the amazing #MTLmoments from the past year. Winter, spring, summer and fall, Montréal never ceases to surprise, delight and inspire visitors and locals alike. What #MTLmoments will you create in the New Year? McGill University by @tasker.brandon Montréal sous la brume by Taki Eddine Alimat Plateau alley by @susanmossphotogaphy Clock Tower Beach, Old Port of Montréal by @marikamtl Mural Festival by @jfsavaria Fireworks by @evablue Jardins Gamelin by @evablue Skyline by LiveMontreal Colourful view of Plateau Mont-Royal by @imaustinhk Red carpet in Montréal by ElchaldeLizz

Montréal shines in the #helloworldRELAY for World Tourism Day

On Sunday, September 27, Montrealers hit the streets, cafés and laneways of the city to capture their favorite Montréal places and moments for the helloworldRELAY to mark United Nations World Tourism Day. World Tourism Day is an annual event created by the United Nations to raise awareness about the beneficial impact tourism has through its potential to build a better world for everyone. To celebrate the occasion, Australian travel experts helloworld invited cities around the world to host a ground-breaking social experiment: the world’s first Instagram Relay. More than 75 cities in 60 countries participated in the relay. Each city designated a “lead Instagrammer” and Montréal’s was @inayali. Check out his #mtlmoments from the #helloworldRELAY above, along with all the other great pics posted by locals below!

10 Montréal Instagrammers we love

With its kaleidoscope of festivals, activities, cutting-edge art and historical architecture – not to mention a mouth-watering food scene – Montréal is a city that never ceases to amaze and inspire. So it’s no wonder that so many Montrealers share their love and passion for their city in images on Instagram. Here are some of our favourite local Instagrammers sharing outstanding #MTLMOMENTS. @jfsavaria Bonne journée! ☀️ #cinqcentquatorze #exploremontreal #mtlmoments #vieuxportmtl #montrealjetaime Une photo publiée par MONTRÉAL ↟ 514 (@jfsavaria) le 25 Mai 2016 à 5h15 PDT @mayssamaha The symbol of so many joys and a few sorrows too, like saying goodbye to family #Montreal #mtlmoments #untilthenexttime Une photo publiée par Will Travel for Food (@mayssamaha) le 4 Oct. 2015 à 13h59 PDT @shutupandeatmtl Really… Is there a sexier looking food truck in Montreal? Check out the new YP app to find all your favourite food trucks around the city! Details on the blog this week! #YPapp #sponsored Photo: Winneburger Une photo publiée par Jason AKA Dim Sum Papi (@shutupandeatmtl) le 7 Sept. 2014 à 20h31 PDT @evablue #mtlmoments #montreal Une photo publiée par @evablue le 23 Mai 2016 à 18h23 PDT @susanmossphotography The Urban Forest @museemccord #mccordmuseum #mtlmoments #montreal #museum… / Read More →