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A round-up of some of our favourite #MTLmoments of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we thought it would be fun to look back at all the amazing #MTLmoments from the past year. Winter, spring, summer and fall, Montréal never ceases to surprise, delight and inspire visitors and locals alike. What #MTLmoments will you create in the New Year? McGill University by @tasker.brandon Montréal sous la brume by Taki Eddine Alimat Plateau alley by @susanmossphotogaphy Clock Tower Beach, Old Port of Montréal by @marikamtl Mural Festival by @jfsavaria Fireworks by @evablue Jardins Gamelin by @evablue Skyline by LiveMontreal Colourful view of Plateau Mont-Royal by @imaustinhk Red carpet in Montréal by ElchaldeLizz

Montréal shines in the #helloworldRELAY for World Tourism Day

On Sunday, September 27, Montrealers hit the streets, cafés and laneways of the city to capture their favorite Montréal places and moments for the helloworldRELAY to mark United Nations World Tourism Day. World Tourism Day is an annual event created by the United Nations to raise awareness about the beneficial impact tourism has through its potential to build a better world for everyone. To celebrate the occasion, Australian travel experts helloworld invited cities around the world to host a ground-breaking social experiment: the world’s first Instagram Relay. More than 75 cities in 60 countries participated in the relay. Each city designated a “lead Instagrammer” and Montréal’s was @inayali. Check out his #mtlmoments from the #helloworldRELAY above, along with all the other great pics posted by locals below!

Photo gallery: Our favourite #MTLMOMENTS of 2014

From the lights of Luminothérapie in winter to the frenzy of festivals all summer long, Montréal is teeming with discoveries and unforgettable moments to share, every season, every day of the year. Here are some of our favourite #MTLMOMENTS from 2014. (Run and Play in the Light of Luminothérapie) hoto by Michael Vesia via Instagram (Good Night Montréal) Photo by Alex Rykov via Instagram (The Clock Tower) Photo by Chloé Dagenais via Instagram (Boules Roses lights up Montréal’s Gay Village) Photo by Virginie Roy via Instagram (Farine Five Roses) Photo by Tobrook via Instagram (The Big Orange) Photo by Fred R. via Instagram (Montréal’s Architecture) Photo by Andrew Tchernilevskii via Instagram (Osheaga crowd) Photo by Susan Moss via Instagram (Just enjoy the view) Photo by Masha Zhdanava via Instagram (Warming up by the fire) Photo by SDC Vieux-Montréal via Facebook See more of our favourites on the Visit Montréal Facebook page. Make the most of your trip to Montreal with this exclusive Sweet Deal coupon booklet with special offers valued at $450!

19 MTL à TABLE Photos That Will Make You Jealous & Hungry

Montreal’s restaurant week MTL à TABLE was a resounding success once again. People from all over gathered with friends and family to eat incredible food, drink fine French wine, and of course take Instagrams with the #MTLaTABLE hashtag. Take a look at some of the most scrumptious looking dishes from the foodie festival…

20 Vivaciously Vibrant #MTLMOMENTS In Autumn

Come fall, the lush greenery of Montreal turns to a stunning explosion of yellow, orange, red, and even purple. But why? Scientifically it’s because the chlorophyll in the leaves have started to break down, due to the shorter days and colder temperatures. This reveals the yellow and orange colours. After a little bit of time, a chemical process creates the red anthocyanin pigments. Science aside, this flash of vibrant colours illuminates the city for its most photogenic moment. Here are 20 vivaciously vibrant #MTLMOMENTS taken by locals and visitors all over the city…

Things to Do in Montreal: August 8-14

A slower summer vibe pervades the city in August, yet there’s still so much to do, from hard-rock and blues music festivals to world-class sports competitions to sampling the best in Montreal-made gourmet food.

#MTLMOMENTS Exhibit shares special Montreal Moments

What happens when thousands of Montrealers and visitors to Montreal take pics of their best moments and post them online? A ton of gorgeous images and over 40,000 shares since May last year, that’s what. The Montreal Moments social media movement initiated by Tourisme Montreal has taken the city by storm in the last year, inspiring people to capture everything that makes Montreal the exciting destination it is and post, and re-post, and comment, and re-comment the results. Now, in addition to having a virtual existence, the best photos have a stage all their own in the form of a summertime exhibition.

Experience Some Jazzy #MTLMOMENTS in Toronto on May 9-11

Attention Torontonians: if you happen to be walking by Queen & Soho this weekend in Toronto, make sure to stop by our Jazz Fest inspired #MTLMOMENTS experience and catch some live music, great food, free lemonade, and maybe even win a trip to Montreal…

Classic Montreal Restaurants To Rediscover

In recent years, Montreal has been riding the cusp of gastronomic innovation, fostering world acclaimed chefs and kitchen teams that push culinary boundaries to levels and reaches not yet seen before. In the wake of trendy hot spots and places to be seen, are the proud and noble predecessors that have forged the foundation of Montreal’s restaurant scene…

10 Musical #MTLMOMENTS

Montreal loves music. Incredible music talents were born here, and artists from around the world love coming here. Montreal has some awesome music festivals this summer including Mutek, FrancoFolies, Jazz Fest, Osheaga, Heavy Montreal, Pop Montreal, and even the One Man Band Festival. Get pumped for a summer full of sweet sounds by checking out these 10 musical #MTLMOMENTS…