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Expo 67: forever in fashion

Since before it opened its doors and throughout the following 50 years, Expo 67’s effect on Montréal cannot be understated. As the city’s de facto débutante ball entrance onto the world stage, Montréal pre and post Expo 67 are two different cities. And giving proof of Expo 67’s reach into all facets of Montréal life, the Musée McCord’s Fashioning Expo 67 takes a close look at the fashions directly related to, influenced by, and seen at the world’s fair. A fashion kaleidoscope Expo 67’s spotlight on Montréal has been interpreted countless times through its transformative architecture and achievements in bringing the world together on two man-made islands in the St Lawrence. “Though Expo 67 left an indelible legacy, its spotlight on fashion has been all but forgotten,” notes Suszanne Sauvage, the Musée’s President and Chief Executive Officer. For the first time, Fashioning Expo 67 examines the fair’s influence through its fashions and also takes time to collect the opinions of those who wore them. Each pavilion brought along a team of hostesses, all outfitted with a unique look. And while each of these frocks brought with it a sense of national pride, not everyone was happy with her country’s chosen… / Read More →