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Things to do in Montreal: November 21-27

It’s such an exciting theatre week! There are three solid plays to pick from, plus an exciting new Warhol exhibition, a whack of flicks for us film lovers, and the last shebang of M for Montreal. How will we ever manage to fit in any work?

Tracing Greats Movements from Van Gogh to Kandinsky

What a difference 14 years makes. The turn of the 19th century in Europe was an incredibly fruitful time, and none so much as in the visual arts. Thanks to extensive research by Los Angeles-based curator Timothy O. Benson, the exhibition Van Gogh to Kandinsky: Impressionism to Expressionism, 1900-1914, on now at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, traces in detail the decade and a half that established the history of Modern Art as we know it…

Thing to do in Montreal: October 10-16

With Thanksgiving weekend ringing in the week, the theme is fall’s bounty, both outdoors and in. From film screenings to grandiose ballet productions to the beautiful changing colours on the trees, there’s a whole lot to take in…

Montreal’s two biggest museums join forces for 1+1=1

Montreal’s two biggest museums – usually competitors for traffic – have come together to produce a sum greater than their parts: the exhibition 1+1=1, featuring the best contemporary art their shared collections have to offer…


The city-wide high-energy party that is summer in Montreal is over, but autumn comes with its own entertainment, namely in arts and culture: this week see films from around the world, ballet with Japanese flair, theatre that’s both dark and light and art that illuminates – and as always, live music is everywhere, every day.