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If you want to tackle everything that is happening in Montréal this weekend, then we hope you brought your palm pilot*. You’re going to need some sort of technical magic to keep you on schedule. Our suggestion: DON’T PANIC. Instead, choose 3 or 4 things and keep it fun. Here are nine recommendations on what is hot and happening in Montréal this weekend! —————————————————————————————————————— [car racing] GRAND PRIX – Thousands of F1 fans and thrill-seekers will take over the streets of Montréal this weekend. Crescent Street will be shut down, as will Boulevard Saint Laurent. Basically EVERYWHERE will be a party. And we support partying. [concert] MEMORIES OF THE 50’S – Michel Comeau interprets great the great ones: Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Yves Montand, Charles Trenet, Michael Bublé and many more in a show recalling the crooners of then and now. Feel like a randy teenager again!


The downtown district of any major city often tops the list of things ‘to do’ for a traveler. Montréal’s downtown is a mélange of stores, restaurants, cafés, galleries, corporate headquarters, and yes, those famous “adult cabarets.” Yet the central business district of every metropolis can risk blandness. And a selection of discriminating Montréalers have accused the downtown area of being overly commercial, with a heavy emphasis on big-brand shopping. And we understand that one could feel blasé in any given retail area. But among the generic giants there are plenty of gems. You just have to know what to look for. Here are a few of our favourite things about Montréal’s Downtown district.


Montreal’s Contemporary Arts Museum, hosts its first solo show of British artist Runa Islam.  Prisms and Pantone! I first saw the work of contemporary artist Runa Islam at the 2005 Venice Biennale where her film of china tea cups slowly crashing to the ground was a hit.  Runa’s international reputation was enhanced by her nomination for Britain’s Turner Prize in 2008.  Islam is a world citizen: she was born in Bangladesh, she studied in London, where she now works, and is represented by the prestigious White Cube Gallery.


Montreal’s 2010 City of Glass event has great stuff all over Montreal.  I wandered into the Canadian Guild of Craft to see some cool lips by internationally-renowned glass artist Astri Reusch. Her show is aptly named Mémoires glaciales. Her sculptural pieces are all in glass – gleaming and seductive. Solid glass life-size heads are lit from within. You glow girl! One of her pieces is a huge ‘cloud’ of glass lips. Is this sensual reference to internet cloud…the lips symbolic of communication?  In any case, just enjoy looking at them. They are smooth …and sexy.  Many big kisses!


Travel, people and culture : my ultimate three favorite things on Earth – and the reason behind my excitement for the Rapa Nui exhibition happening at Montreal’s Pointe-à-Callière museum. What? You don’t know Rapa Nui? Don’t worry. It is, after all, one of the most isolated places on the planet. Thanks to the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History Pointe-à-Callière though, I’m about to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and learn all about this distant land and people.


In a city like Montreal that gives residents and visitors alike more nightlife options than there are darkly lit hours in the day, it often takes a unique idea to grab people’s attention. The MACM’s “Vendredi Nocturne” is managing to do exactly that…

Let’s eat! Exhibit at the Chateau Ramezay Museum

The Chateau Ramezay Museum is a history museum, appropriately located in the heart of Old Montreal, in front of the City Hall. You may ask, why is a foodie writing about history? Well, as soon as I heard they were having an exhibition called, Let’s eat! a retrospective on food and the eating habits of early Quebec settlers, I rushed to check it out.

Montreal’s Canadian Centre for Architecture

The CANADIAN CENTRE FOR ARCHITECTURE is one of its kind. Founded by architect Phyllis Lambert, it’s an international research centre dedicated to architecture and urban design that’s celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  Read the full story to find out why you should check out photos of abandoned factories getting destroyed.

How to Spend a Weekend in Montreal

Last weekend, journalist extraordinaire Darrell Hartman and I walked through the streets of Montreal, chasing art galleries, museums and shops, having drinks and enjoying summertime in public parks. As his host, I wanted to show him what Montreal is really about. Read the full story to find out more.