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How to Spend a Weekend in Montreal

Last weekend, journalist extraordinaire Darrell Hartman and I walked through the streets of Montreal, chasing art galleries, museums and shops, having drinks and enjoying summertime in public parks. As his host, I wanted to show him what Montreal is really about. Read the full story to find out more.

Phoebe Greenberg’s DHC/ART + Michal Rovner

Montreal has a new patron of the arts: Phoebe Greenberg. And her uncommon taste for risky adventures made her create one of the best art galleries in town, showcasing the work of experimental artists from all over the world. Read more to know why Montreal is now a real avant-garde city… in many ways.

The diverse flavours of a Cultural Feast

Every year, Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal’s Museum of Archeology and History, puts on a Cultural Feast celebrating Montréal’s various cultural communities through their respective cuisine. It’s free. It’s outdoors. I never miss it. After all, Montréal’s cultural mix makes for a tasty meal.

M Boutique: Shop at the Museum

Last week I promised I would tell you more about the great shopping opportunities of the Museum of Fine Arts. Well here I am, keeping my promise. *Here is where you feel privileged. I don’t always keep promises*

The MMFA: not just another museum!

Think museums are boring? Think again! A few weeks ago, I attended a remarkable event – the annual ball of the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts – to give you a real example of how creative, innovative and unique this Montréal institution is.

Claude Tousignant: A Retrospective

A major exhibition on one of Quebec’s most influential pop artists proves to be more about our perception of space than colours.