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Now in its fifth year, the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival has firmly planted its flag in the Montreal summer concert calendar. No doubt many people will say that this year’s edition, taking place July 31st-August 1st, is “the best one yet”. But that’s actually true this year and I’ll tell you why…


The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, taking over the city from June 25th to July 6th, is the world’s largest jazz festival. This year’s 31st edition could very well be the best yet. How can such bold predictions be made this far ahead? Read on to find out…


In a city like Montreal that gives residents and visitors alike more nightlife options than there are darkly lit hours in the day, it often takes a unique idea to grab people’s attention. The MACM’s “Vendredi Nocturne” is managing to do exactly that…


This blog is about gay life in Montréal. So you’re probably wondering – what’s so gay about Bach? Well the dude certainly wore a lot of wigs and played a mean organ.

A Symphonic Vacation

Sometimes a girl needs a getaway, and sometimes she needs a getaway with culture.  If you are this girl, then I’ve got a great recommendation for you! On your Montreal trip, check out the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.   Keep reading to meet the man who’s got the power to make sweet harmony with the flick of his wand.

French Music in Montreal: Coup de coeur

I think there’s a certain pleasure in listening to local music when you travel. If I had the choice between seeing Lady Gaga in Prague or hearing some Czech jazz musicians, I would definitely go for the second option, since it’s a unique experience to see local artists that might never make it to Montreal. The same applies for visitors coming to Montreal for the first time. Even if you don’t speak French, seeing a concert in French is a great way to discover the city’s arts and culture scene. If you’re visiting Montreal and want to check out some local music and see what the French music scene is like, then don’t miss Coup de coeur francophone. Read the full story to find my picks for this year’s edition.

Women Deconstruct Myths at MCAM

  MONTREAL’S CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM (MCAM) recently unveiled three new exhibitions running from October 10, 2009 to January 3, 2010, focusing on the work of three talented women artists from Montreal, Vancouver and the U.K. If Francine Savard, Tacita Dean and Tricia Middleton don’t seem to have much in common at first, look closer and you’ll see that the common theme in their work is the deconstruction of modern myths in our society. Read the full story to find out more about a bizarre apartment filled with dirt, detritus and random objects.

Le Saloon: Delicious Martinis (and Tasty Servers)

Whether you are a visitor searching for a stylish parlor or you’re a local queer with an appetite for ambience, Le Saloon is often the first choice for dining and drinks in Montreal’s gay village. But why is that?

Jay-Z Montreal Concert

Jay-Z plays Montreal on October 30th at the Bell Centre and, by all accounts, half the city is going to be there and the other half is trying to find tickets. Not only is he one of the greatest rappers of all time, but he’s turned himself into one of the biggest, most important figures in the entire music industry. Jay-Z is coming to Montreal to run this town for the night…

Distroboto: Montreal Art and Music

Tina Fey once called Montreal “New York with more cigarettes” and, for a while, a trip to most restaurants and bars revealed the city to be deserving of that tag. But, like any sensible place, Montreal has largely butted out of the smoking in public. But one enterprising organization has figured out how to create something new from the old and, in the process, given you a chance to take home a part of the cities’ vibrant art and music scene…