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Really Gay Shows in Montreal (Fall 2009)

Going to see a spectacle (concert) in a different city can be nothing short of awesome. You get to see new venues, dance with strangers and listen to a live soundtrack to falling in love… à la Montréal. Here are 7 Montreal concerts happening this fall to write home about…

M for Montreal Wants You!

M FOR MONTREAL is a dream come true. It’s an organization that celebrates Montreal music and encourages international music professionals and journalists to come and experience the local scene. Since its inception, M for Montreal has built an impressive network of music fans from the four courners of the world – from SXSW and Coachella organizers to France’s Les Inrockuptibles and United Kingdom’s The Guardian.

Top 10 Things to do in Fall in Montreal

Summer is coming to an end. Children are back to school and you’ve come to terms with saying farewell to your favourite pair of sandals. But rest assured, there are still a bunch of festivals, activities and amazing things to do in Montreal!

Opera de Montreal Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Many people still think opera is an inaccessible type of art, maybe a little too difficult to understand or truly engage with.  I don’t agree. Read more to find out why I think opera might actually be the best form of total art – and why you shouldn’t miss this season’s new program.

How to Spend a Weekend in Montreal

Last weekend, journalist extraordinaire Darrell Hartman and I walked through the streets of Montreal, chasing art galleries, museums and shops, having drinks and enjoying summertime in public parks. As his host, I wanted to show him what Montreal is really about. Read the full story to find out more.

FrancoFolies: Another Side of French Music

Living in Montreal, you quickly come to realize that the term “French music” covers far too broad a base to be one single category. In fact, it’s only as specific as “British rock” or “American folk music.” Read more to find out why French music isn’t just about Celine Dion anymore.

Top 5 Montreal Festivals you may not know

If you haven’t noticed yet from this blog’s coverage of Mutek, Osheaga, Jazz Fest and Just for Laughs, Montreal is a city obsessed with its festivals. The reason is simple: for many cold months, Montrealers are stuck in their apartments drinking red wine and waiting out the winter, so when summer hits, no one is ready to go home until at least October… Though Montreal boasts some huge, big-ticket festivals like those mentioned above, it also boasts some smaller, yet no less big-time fests. From French music to beautiful lanterns, there’s something happening every night from now until it’s time to put the snow tires back on. Here are the Top 5 Montreal Festivals you may not have heard of:

5 Places to Enjoy Jazz Music in Montreal

The MONTREAL JAZZ FEST has just wrapped up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find great spots around the city to hear trumpets and saxophones year-round. Here’s my list of recommendations for those of you who missed some of the big gigs from the summer festival. Read out more about my alternative picks to enjoy up-and-coming young musicians, old ragtime classics or world-influenced jazz beats.

Montreal Nightlife: Ginger

For the third installment in the Montreal Nightlife video series, I visited Ginger, an asian fusion restaurant with a wild side on Avenue des Pins, near St-Laurent Boulevard. I spoke to Ginger’s Jeremy Hufana about the restaurant, as he fielded phone call after phone call from people looking for a reservation…