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Things to Do in Montreal: October 18-24

Montreal finds itself at the height of autumnal glory this week, not only in its colourful falling leaves, breezy days and Halloween preparations, but with the onset of hockey season, complemented by an NBA basketball game and all kinds of film screenings, live music, and world-class dance and theatre productions…

Sports in Montreal: NBA, UFC, Lacrosse and more

While it’s that time of the year when most Montreal hockey and football fans are focused, laser-like, on the fortunes of the just-getting-started Montreal Canadiens and the coming-down-the-home-stretch Montreal Alouettes respectively, there’s a lot more sports life out there than just the big tickets…


Art and entertainment merge this week in Montreal with two international film festivals, a festival of experimental performance and music, a gorgeous ballet, thought-provoking theatre and art that brings Montreal closer to Brooklyn. Plus there’s NBA basketball, Olympic-level hockey, pre-Halloween festivities, and lots of live music.