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10 karaoke bars where you can sing your heart out in Montréal

Karaoke is fun and liberating–and Montréal’s karaoke bars set the stage for a memorable night out! Whether you’re singing an eighties classic with new friends you just met at the youth hostel, renting a private room (or KTV) to channel your inner Britney with girlfriends, or sipping cocktails between verses of Ed Sheeran’s biggest hits, you can’t go wrong with these 10 karaoke bars in Montréal. Une publication partagée par David D’Amours (@daviddamours) le 30 Avril 2016 à 18h14 PDT Pang Pang Karaoké – 1226 Mackey Street This popular karaoke joint rents out private rooms-a good choice for those who would rather sing with friends than to a room full of strangers. The song selection is decent and the rooms comfortably accommodate small groups. Be prepared to share the tab with friends as the Pang Pang has bottle service. Zoé bar karaoké – 3296, Jean-Talon Street East Their inexpensive cocktails will make you want to grab the mike and bare your soul, every night of the week. There’s a huge pool of tunes to choose from, so be sure to warm up your voice! And get this-they also serve cheese fondue Astral 2000 – 1845, Ontario Street East A massive room that attracts… / Read More →

Infographic: 24 Hours In @Montreal

What adventures will 24 hours in Montreal bring? Check out our #MTLMOMENTS infographic to find out what our little twitter friend @LadyTweetFiend got up to during her weekend trip to the city! 

Things to Do in Montreal: August 15-21

Music makes the city move this week – choose from reggae and electro festivals, classical and rock concerts, and tunes that go hand-in-hand with Montreal Pride, catwalk fashion shows, family-friendly carnivals, and delicious locally-made food.

Best Terrasses in Montreal for Drinking Beer

What many know as a “patio”, we Montrealers call a “terrasse”. Either way, they’re the place to be during our intense summer months, so here are some of Montreal’s best spots for enjoying a cold beer or three…

Montreal’s Best Hotel Terrasses

Terrasse lovers, Montreal is your town. With the winters we get, it’s no wonder summer makes us want to hang out outside all the live-long day. There are terrasses of every ilk here, from bars to restaurants to rooftop to street-side, but my hands-down favourites are hotel terrasses. Like hotel bars, there’s a sense of adventure built into the experience…

Where to Watch World Cup 2014 Football in Montreal

There is really nothing comparable to the mass multicultural sporting dementia that descends on Montreal every four years when the World Cup, the biggest single-event sporting competition on the planet, gets underway, and rest assured Montrealers will once again be partaking in the crazy…

Hotspots To See & Be Seen At During Formula 1 Grand Prix

One of the many things that Montreal doesn’t suffer for is a lack of top-tier, A-list social establishments that excel at their primary mission in life: your good time. And during Grand Prix season in particular, many of this city’s finer places to see and be seen kick it into high gear.

Queer MTL Travel Guide: Montreal Boy Episodes 5 & 6

In Logo’s webseries Montreal Boy, Stephane and Hugh are having a blast in Montreal. They’re seeing the sights, seeing the city, and definitely seeing each other. Have you watched all six episodes of Montreal Boy yet? Check them out on! Find out more about all the places they visit in Montreal by scrolling through this Queer MTL Travel Guide: