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What to eat on Chinese New Year’s in Montréal

[Updated on January 24, 2017] Growing up in a Chinese family, there were certain customs that were most prevalent around the Chinese and Lunar New Year. They involved food and were traditions that I observed the most. The dishes served around the New Year’s dinner table are specific as the have auspicious meanings. The Chinese are very superstitious and our New Year’s menu consists of dishes that are symbolic of health, wealth and happiness. If you’re celebrating the Year of the Rooster, here are some places to eat and party like it’s 4715! Noodles are a very important part of any Chinese celebration whether it be for a birthday or New Year’s because they represent longevity and long life. Chinatown has a couple of my favourite go-to spots for awesome soup noodles. Nouilles Lan Zhou – 1006 Saint-Laurent Boulevard Named after the city of Lanzhou in China where this style of noodle was invented and made popular, they offer a variety of different kinds of noodles to choose from. From round noodles that come in four different diameters and large flat noodles that come in three different widths, they are all hand-made (pulled) to order. All bowls come with their… / Read More →

5 of Montreal’s best asian noodle dishes

During the winter months in Montreal, like most warm-blooded creatures, I seek warmth. While some search out the heat of a roaring fire or comfort of a loved one, I’m usually in search of warmth in the form of steaming hot bowls of soup noodles or the crispy fried variety…