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Located in Old Montreal, the Hotel Le St-James is certainly in the running for this city’s nicest hotel. At the very least, it’s where Madonna and The Rolling Stones stay when they’re in town (the Stones, apparently, rent the entire hotel when they do). When meeting up with several of my fellow Montreal Tourism Insiders, only a place with this degree of swankitude would do…

Love at first sight: exquisite tableware boutique

Love at first sight — it doesn’t happen very often, but this week, as soon as I walked into À table tout le monde, I fell head over heels with this magnificent design boutique that showcases china, dinnerware and the art of setting a beautiful table…

Behind the scenes with Normand Laprise at Toqué!

In a previous post, I visited a farm with talented chef, Normand Laprise, from Toqué! — one of Montreal’s top restaurants. After our field trip, Normand kindly invited to visit his kitchen! So, as a good Insider, I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into one of Montreal’s most famous gastronomic institutions. Now you can see his culinary innovation first-hand as he continues to promote farm-fresh products in his restaurants.

Let’s eat! Exhibit at the Chateau Ramezay Museum

The Chateau Ramezay Museum is a history museum, appropriately located in the heart of Old Montreal, in front of the City Hall. You may ask, why is a foodie writing about history? Well, as soon as I heard they were having an exhibition called, Let’s eat! a retrospective on food and the eating habits of early Quebec settlers, I rushed to check it out.

Chocolate trade fair: Salon passion chocolat

Uh oh. This could be dangerous. Fans of this sinfully sweet, creamy cocoa delight — you’ve been warned. In fact, to avoid tempting you further, perhaps I should just stop right here.

Farm-fresh straight to your table at Toqué!

In Montreal restaurants these days, there is an emphasis on serving food made with local products (vegetables, high-quality meats and cheeses from small local producers). Much of this tendency towards using regional farm products in local restaurants is due in part to Normand Laprise, the chef from Toqué! His restaurant, Toqué! is a Montreal culinary institution, and thanks to Normand Laprise’s relentless determination over the years to cook with locally grown produce, and to use regional suppliers of meat and cheese, he has influenced other restaurants to follow suit.

Culinary Tour of Montreal: Follow the Guide

Walking tours are always a popular activity when visiting a new city. But how about one that revolves around everybody’s favourite topic: food! Visites de Montréal tour called “Flavors and Aromas of Old Montreal” does a great job of avoiding big crowds and cliché destinations. I should know, I tried it myself!

Montreal Food Fair: Saveurs & Tentations

Visiting and local foodies are in luck: from August 12-16 Montreal is hosting an all-new trade show dedicated to local food. It’s called Saveurs & Tentations, which is French for “Flavours and Temptations,” so you can’t say you haven’t been warned. It promises to be one delicious event. Plus, it’s free.

French Music In Montreal

With the Quebec Folk Festival (the Internationale de Musique Folk de Quebec) in full swing and culminating with some great shows this weekend, this seems as good a time as any to tell you where to find traditional Quebecois music in Montreal…