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Best Terrasses in Montreal for Drinking Beer

What many know as a “patio”, we Montrealers call a “terrasse”. Either way, they’re the place to be during our intense summer months, so here are some of Montreal’s best spots for enjoying a cold beer or three…

10 Great Restaurant Terrasses in Montreal

There’s nothing like summer in Montreal. The city shimmers in the sun and puts on its best bling for Montrealers and visitors to enjoy. There are dozens of festivals, fairs, outdoor events, sporting activities and family outings happening every week but one of our favourites is to actually (finally!) be able to dine and drink outdoors. Here are 10 great restaurant terrasses to grab a bite in the sun or under the stars…

Montreal’s Best Hotel Terrasses

Terrasse lovers, Montreal is your town. With the winters we get, it’s no wonder summer makes us want to hang out outside all the live-long day. There are terrasses of every ilk here, from bars to restaurants to rooftop to street-side, but my hands-down favourites are hotel terrasses. Like hotel bars, there’s a sense of adventure built into the experience…

Where to eat near the Quartier des Spectacles during Jazz Fest 2014

Montreal perfectly pairs music and food during the Montreal International Jazz Festival, June 26 to July 6. If you’re searching out the latest trends in seasonal cuisine or craving Quebecois comfort food, the city offers it all, whether on a silver platter or a paper plate…


You say patio, we say terrasse. Whatever you call it, when the weather is nice the place to be is under the open sky. And what’s better than a terrasse in Montreal? Why, a rooftop terrasse in Montreal! Here are some of my faves.


Montrealers like nothing better than a patio (or “terrasse”) in summer, our long winters make sure of that. But while the city’s sidewalk culture and the thriving see-and-be-seen patio scene screams “look at me, I’m super hot!”, there are still plenty of us that prefer a quiet place to call our own, sip our drinks and check each other out in a more surreptitious way. Here, we share some of the more off-the-beaten-track-places to enjoy a cold drink, or several…


When it comes to restaurant patios in Montreal (known here as terrasses), there are really two different sorts. The front patios, which are basically extensions of the restaurant itself, on which diners can eat their meals while watching the world go by (and the world, in turn, watches their meals while going by). Otherwise, you have the back patios, the inner sanctums of a restaurant where kitchen secrets bloom in private. Sitting on a restaurant’s back patio is a chance to access a leafy secret garden of bliss at the back end of a favourite dining spot. Below, we’ve picked the gold-medal standard of both front and back patios in Montreal, as well as a few alternates.


April is essentially the summer’s pre-drink. The snow has officially melted and chances of a winter relapse are relatively slim. This time of year has the gays scrambling to the gym, in preparation for another scorching summer, but the fun has already begun! Montreal has oodles of gay or gay-friendly things to do in April and beyond…


Built in 1705, the Chateau Ramezay, is a beautiful grey stone building in Old Montreal is the oldest private history museum in Quebec. Built in 1705, it was the home of Governor Claude de Ramezay, a classically elegant structure with solid, thick walls and a beautiful garden.