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Meet a Montrealer: Antonio Park

Chef Antonio Park’s road to culinary notoriety has taken him through three continents, five cities, and countless kitchens. This due diligence to his craft has ultimately helped shape his culinary ethos that blends the tastes and flavours of his youth (having grown up in South-America) and the techniques procured while working in kitchens in Tokyo, Osaka, New York, and Toronto. This direction has facilitated the development of a style of cuisine that is uniquely his own – “a blend of the countries I’ve lived in and the cultures that formed me. The international recognition of his Restaurant Park has solidified his role of one of Montréal’s culinary ambassadors bring “his” city to the world’s stage. Having been listed in The Diner’s Club World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy, as well as securing a spot on “must visit” lists of local and international food critics, Restaurant Park is undoubtedly a destination restaurant no matter where you’re from. I had the opportunity to chat with Chef Park in the middle of his busy workday. A typical day that consists of personally talking to local farmers and producers, overseeing his row of Westmount restaurant kitchens – Park, Marché Park and Lavanderia – receiving orders… / Read More →

My top 10 favourite places to photograph in Montréal

When asked to write a guest blog post for Tourisme Montréal on my top 10 favourite places to photograph in Montréal, I was torn with what to include. Montréal offers a multitude of great places to shoot and keeping the list to just 10 was quite a challenge. One of my top reasons for loving Montréal is the wide variation in seasons that provides the photographer an ever-changing canvas. In putting together my list, I tried to incorporate places that provide a different atmosphere depending on the season. 1. Bonsecours Basin I included the Bonsecours Basin for a number of reasons. First, it’s a great place to visit pretty much anytime of the year. In summer you will find people enjoying the pedal boats, in winter you have the ice rink and in autumn the trees are bursting with colour. The basin also provides a great spot to photograph the city skyline at sunset. 2. Place d’Armes Recently renovated, Place d’Armes in the heart of Old Montréal is a key stopping point for anyone visiting Montréal. In the centre of the small square is the monument to Paul de Chomedey and with the backdrop of the Notre-Dame Basilica, the art-deco… / Read More →

Vintage Gifs of Montreal

Considering that Montreal is often described as “old world charm with modern conveniences,” we thought it would be fun to relive some of the city’s old world charm with the help of a modern convenience: the animated GIF! A horse-drawn firesleigh races to save the people of Montreal from flames! This video of Montreal is likely one of the oldest in existence. It was originally copyrighted March 19, 1901 by Mr. Thomas A. Edison. Yes, that Thomas Edison. He shot it as some early test footage from one of his many inventions: the motion picture camera. Some early footage of a streetcar, automobiles and pedestrians hustling through an intersection in downtown Montreal. The Montreal Canadiens built their dynasty sans helmets. How did their faces not get totally busted up? Also, why is the door to the rink so tiny? Oh old things. Still unclear why Montreal ever got rid of these things. Look at how quaint they make everything look! The monorail zooms along Expo 67 with massive crowds milling below. While many of the pavilions have been demolished, the golf ball shaped American pavilion still stands. It’s now known as the Biosphere and houses an environmental museum. Maybe in… / Read More →

Incredible pictures document Montreal’s past

Montreal is marching towards its 375th anniversary in 2017; counting from 1642 when Ville-Marie was founded by Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance. With a history so tumultuous and rich, several museums are dedicated to cataloging everything that’s gone down on this small island sitting tight in the St. Lawrence river…

Pointe-à-Callière looks at the Lives and Times of the Plateau

While Old Montreal’s cobblestone streets and 18th-century buildings offer a picturesque glimpse of the city’s roots, the surrounding neighbourhoods have their own historically significant stories to tell and impressive architecture to match. Lives and Times of the Plateau, a new exhibition at the Pointe-à-Callière history and archaeology museum, illuminates the colourful nooks and crannies of over 200 years of everyday life, industry and creativity in the Plateau neighbourhood…


With 2013 fast approaching, we wanted to look back at some of the amazing moments that made 2012 so special and recognize and highlight all the amazing work our cameraman Guillaume Langlois has done. Please check out all of the videos on the Tourisme Montreal Youtube channel and we’ll see you next year!


Probably the last thing chef Derek Damman would like to hear about his new restaurant Maison Publique, in the Plateau neighbourhood, is that it’s co-owned by British celeb-chef Jamie Oliver. Rightly so: the welcoming pub-like décor and the highly delicious and hearty dishes are all Damman’s doing. Oliver, his ex-boss and good friend, is a mere financial backer, who only visitted the place – and Montreal itself! – for the first time last Saturday.


I’ve always been impressed by how often Montreal and its food scene popped up in The New York Times and other publications I like to read – but recently things seem to have kicked up a notch. All of a sudden, local chefs and restaurants are being written up seemingly everywhere, so much so that I had to ask myself why…


Café de Flore is the eagerly awaited movie from celebrated Montreal director Jean-Marc Vallée. Vallée, director of C.R.A.Z.Y. (one of the best Montreal films ever made) and The Young Victoria starring Emily Blunt and Paul Bettany, is bringing his latest film to his hometown of Montreal for a premiere at our city’s most glamorous cinema, the Imperial. The red-carpet affair and the premiere party afterwards promises to be glam—the star of Café de Flore is French singer/actress/bombshell Vanessa Paradis, wife of Johnny Depp…


I’ve been a fan of Montreal fashion designer Philippe Dubuc since I moved to this city over a decade ago. So when presented with the exclusive opportunity to hang out behind the scenes of his photo shoot for Philippe Dubuc for Icône at Simons, how could I say “non”?