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Montréal celebrates Black History Month 2016

February 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Black History Month in Montréal, and this year’s edition features a full slate of film screenings, art exhibitions, concerts and other special events. This year’s theme is “Rise and shine!” “Black History month is still important in this day and age because by looking at history we can better understand where we are today and where we need to go,” says Michael Farkas, president of the Black History Month Round Table which organizes BHM in Montréal. Award-winning actress and legendary jazz singer Ranee Lee is this year’s English BHM spokesperson. “It is important for me to do this, as important as it is to be alive,” says Lee. “This is the occasion to celebrate and discover the journeys of admirable people who too often have been relegated to the shadows but have made incalculable contributions to our society.” Here are some highlights during BHM 2016: The 2016 FRO Festival will be home to multidisciplinary activities – visual arts, music, theatre and conferences – at the Corona Theatre (2490 Rue Notre-Dame W.) from February 4 to 6. American activist Rosa Clemente will speak on February 4, followed by the launch of a FRO 2016… / Read More →


Even if you’re not an F1 racing fan per se, have you ever wondered, even once, what it might be like to strap into the cockpit of one of these elite machines and take it for a spin? Well now, courtesy of Montreal’s Vortex Racing, that experience can be yours, albeit without the worry of wrecking your $5 million ride.