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As Michael Musto is to New York City, Richard Burnett is to Montréal. Equal parts cuddle-icious cartoon character and fierce, loudmouth bitch, Richard Burnett is undeniably a Montréal gay icon. His nationally syndicated column, Three Dollar Bill, has been keeping queers in Montréal and across the nation au courant for 15 years. Burnett knows this city like a drag queen knows a cosmetics counter. This makes him a perfect choice for this edition of MEET A MONTRÉALER.


Though he and his new album, Running High, travel the world’s dance floors, Montreal producer Poirier is happy with his home base… Poirier (who recently dropped Ghislain from his stage name) has become one of Montreal’s most in-demand and interesting producers/DJs. And though he’s constantly touring and has played shows on almost every continent in the world, he’s still got plenty of love for the Mile End neighbourhood he calls home.


It is becoming a widely accepted axiom that gay people are tons of fun. As a gay man, I feel comfortable with this notion, and would also like to add that we’re creative, playful, strong and stylish! Oh yes, and we’re clearly humble. This being said, it is perfectly natural and normal to feel attracted to the gay community.


“People are always welcome here. All I want is to keep everybody happy”. At 88, Hyman Sckolnick, the owner of Montreal’s Beautys, still has one thing on his mind: making sure everyone who walks through the door of his 1942 luncheonette leaves in high-spirits.


When I take a trip, it is rare that my itinerary is strictly “business” or strictly “pleasure.” That’s right folks, I often mix business with pleasure. But enough about my fashionista mullet! In an age of the 60-hour workweek, chances are that you might need to reserve a couple of hours of your weekend to bounce those tedious expense reports back to your mulish boss. Or you might just be a Facebook junkie looking to satiate your social media addiction. Whatever your reason for needing free wireless Internet, here are five Montréal cafés where the locals love to get (and stay) connected…

Exploring the culinary revival of Hochelaga

Are you heading to the Biodome, the Botanical Gardens or the Olympic Stadium? While you’re in the area, take some time to explore the surrounding neighbourhood of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve! Guidebooks don’t often mention Hochelaga because it didn’t use to have a very good reputation. These days, however, this formerly rundown area of Montreal is experiencing a revival of sorts due to an influx of new, younger residents and a major increase in business development and investment in the infrastructure.

St. Denis’ new star: restaurant / import wine shop

A new star, Les Cavistes, has recently appeared on St. Denis Street in the past month, with no accompanying fanfare. Quietly making its presence felt among some of the stiffest competition in the city, there are many reasons to sing the praises of this restaurant / import wine shop and you’ll soon find out why.

Pica Pica: Spanish Tapas in the Gay Village

There is no shortage of great food options in Montréal. You could easily spend a full weekend eating your way through the Gay Village. No pun intended. My friend Ahmar and I headed to Pica Pica the other night for girl talk and tapas. We tucked ourselves into one of the booths, and enjoyed some friendly service and saliva-inducing dishes. You too can have this lovely experience. Whether you visit with a friend or in a big group, when it comes to tapas, it’s all about sharing. For two people I recommend getting four of the “Nuestras Tapas.” And don’t forget your veggies! This is what we ate: Ceviche – Tomate y aguacate Tomato and avocado salad Esparagos gratiné Asparagus with Parmesan gratin Pollo con queso de cabra alla pimienta Julienned chicken in a white wine, lemon, and peppered goat cheese sauce Gambas bravas Shrimp in a cream sauce Trosos de autun al sofrito Cubed red tuna in an island spice sauce Again, as I mentioned in my previous article about Pulled Pork Sandwiches at Dépanneur le Pick Up, I am certainly not a food critic. That being said, both Ahmar and I agreed that the ‘Gambas Bravas’ (shrimp in… / Read More →

Food Allergies? No problem at Zero8 restaurant!

For people who are allergic to certain foods, choosing a restaurant can be a real problem. Considering some allergies can be severe, even fatal, especially for those who are allergic to peanuts and seafood, Zero8 just might be their last hope if they want to eat out at a restaurant.