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Montreal’s best new restaurant – Salle à manger

Every year, EnRoute, Air Canada’s in-flight magazine publishes their exclusive list of Canada’s 10 Best New Restaurants. All new restaurateurs wait with baited breath to see if they make the grade. This year, the only restaurant in Montreal to make the top ten this year is Salle à manger. Since I’d never been there, I thought this was a great excuse to go and check it out. Like many other people out there looking for their soul mates on the Internet, one of my friends often meets her dates at the bar at the Salle à manger. I had to go see for myself if the ambiance could really lead to some interesting encounters.

Montreal Italian restaurant: Euro Deli

Euro Deli is one of those special places in Montreal that is packed with customers from 9 in the morning ‘til midnight. This cafeteria-style Italian restaurant on St. Laurent is one of the hippest places on the lower main. It’s a really chill atmosphere, with a cool mixed crowd of loyal customers devoted the science of the perfect slice and serious espresso.

Le Saloon: Delicious Martinis (and Tasty Servers)

Whether you are a visitor searching for a stylish parlor or you’re a local queer with an appetite for ambience, Le Saloon is often the first choice for dining and drinks in Montreal’s gay village. But why is that?


There are millions of recipes for Thanksgiving turkey. Why not try something different this year that will get you in the mood to travel? Frédéric Morin, the chef from the famous Montreal restaurant, Joe Beef (featured in the final issue of Gourmet magazine), will be showing us how to make a Thanksgiving turkey with some typical Montreal ingredients such as bagels, smoked meat, and maple syrup. Not only will you make the most original turkey on the block, you can impress your guests with some souvenirs from your trip to Montreal…and maybe even inspire them to book a ticket to the belle ville.

Montreal Restaurants: Taste Peru at Mochica

Have you ever eaten llama while surrounded by artefacts in a museum? Well, that’s what it’s like at Mochica, a Peruvian restaurant on Montreal’s busy St-Denis Street, where good taste applies to the food as well as your general culture.

Boston poutine: different from Montréal’s

Who would have thought? Boston is full of restaurants with poutine on the menu! And I’m not just talking about greasy spoons, I’m talking about nice restaurants and swanky bars. I heard about this from The Food Monkey, a blogger who also acted as my guide to Bean-Town.

Montreal Food: Reviews from the media

I often tell you that Montreal is a unique place for food and food culture. With more than 6,000 restaurants, bistros and cafés, Montréal pas the most restaurants per capita in all of North America. Yes, yes, you’ve heard me say it many times before, so I thought that I’d let you hear it from someone else this time!

Eating in the Dark at O.Noir Restaurant

There are restaurants that intrigue us, not because of the food so much, but because of the experience. O.Noir is certainly one of the most mysterious dining venues around town. Served by blind waiters, you eat in complete darkness.

Montreal Brunch: La Cantine is oh-so Quebecois

  La Cantine is fun retro restaurant with yummy brunch menu that goes further than the traditional eggs and bacon. It’s brunch, revisited! In one sitting, you can taste four Quebec-style breakfast specialties all in one plate. “A client once told me that we energize traditional breakfasts. It made me smile,” explains Pierre-Luc Chevalier, co-owner of La Cantine.

Fine Dining in Montreal: 100 meals at Bronte

I’ve known for a long time that Bronte is one of Montreal’s best fine dining restaurants. Chef Joe Mercuri is a master when it comes to creating unusal fusions of textures and flavours. But when I finally went to eat there (a treat for my birthday!), I was astonished to meet a local couple that has eaten there more than a 100 times.