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Montreal’s Europea restaurant: A table with a view

OK, so I don’t just eat with my eyes, but I do enjoy a little culinary voyeurism from time to time… And Europea restaurant, one of my favourite fine dining establishments in downtown Montreal, offers the perfect spot for it: a table that looks right into their kitchen, where the famed Jérôme Ferrer still stands at the oven. And this privileged perch doesn’t cost you a penny more… You just have to reserve it in advance!


Montreal is known for hosting a lot of festivals — there are over 85 different ones throughout the year! My personal favourite is the Montreal High Lights Festival, which showcases live performances, outdoor activities and fine dining. The featured country this year is Portugal, the city is New Orleans and the region is the Eastern Townships — all amazing places for high quality food and talented chefs.

Exploring L’Inconnu

You just finished a long day of sightseeing. You’re hungry. And tonight, you feel like dinning out like a Montrealer: in a casual venue that serves sophisticated signature dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Then you notice a lovely French bistro. You approach, stomach growling, and check out the menu. This is the scenario that played out for me this week, as I walked through the door of L’Inconnu with dinner on my mind. As I took a seat, I watched tasty dishes being served to other patrons. I was in for a treat.