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Thanksgiving dinner in Montreal Restaurants

Coming to Montreal this weekend? Eager to partake in Canadian Thanksgiving? Here are my restaurant suggestions for the finest of Montreal turkey, potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Raw food at Crudessence

Last Sunday, I rode a whopping 52 km at the Montréal Bike Fest! After a mega-achievement like that I really needed some fuel, but I didn’t want to fill up on anything unhealthy (lest that virtuous feeling slip away all too quickly). So, I stopped in at Crudessence, a Montréal’s only raw food vegan restaurant and I ordered a burger… A raw burger, that is. A couple of years ago, I read about the raw food movement and I jumped right into it. For two whole weeks. You see, it’s not easy to eat raw food all the time. You need lots of special utensils to prepare your meals with, and to tell you the truth, all those nuts ended up driving me bananas. I found it a little monotonous. But I must admit I had much more energy.

Lobster, lobster, lobster

This just in from the coast: On Tuesdays and Wednesdays this month, get all-you-can eat lobster for $40 at the Chesterfield wine bar!

Freebies for the Ladies

Who doesn’t like a free dinner once in a while? Let’s face it ladies, economic times are tough. In the great depression of the 30s, women completely reinvented fashion by tailoring their old garments. Last week, Oprah was giving out free KFC dinners to all of America. She even said she had the newly grilled chicken for dinner and for lunch the next day. Why did she eat it? Because it’s free!

Top 10 Patios in Montreal

(Club Chasse et Pêche) After our long chilly winters, Montrealers just can’t wait to get out and enjoy some nice weather. Which is why we flock to restaurant patios (locally known as terraces) as soon as the snow melts. The result is that Montreal city streets are lined with outdoor patios all summer long, with locals lingering with coffees and croissants by day, and cocktails and tapas in the evening. Visitors tell me it adds some je ne sais quoi to the city vibe, but I personally enjoy patios for the people-watching opportunities.

Schwartz’s Restaurant: it’s all about smoked meat

Montreal is the land of smoked meat. And locals will tell you that the place to get it is Schwartz’s, a classic Hebrew deli where the feisty staff have been serving up the good stuff for the last 80 years. Just be ready to answer one question: “How would you like it sliced?”

A new location for Bouchonné

Move over, trendy St-Laurent restaurants. The Main is welcoming the Bouchonné wine bar in its new, bigger location. This is the place to be for wine lovers in the mood for some tasty tidbits…

Hotel Nelligan: Great hotel, amazing food

Hotel Nelligan stands alone as the only Montrealer that made the National Geographic Travelers’ Stay List 2009. Not too shabby, huh?  Makes me wish I were a tourist! But anyway, what’s cool about this hotel is that it also has two very good restaurants. Named after famous Québec poet Émile Nelligan, I’m told this four-star hotel has amazing boutique-style accommodations, but is also a dream for foodies like me, because they offer two different styles of cuisine.

Take a tour of Portugal with chef Héléna Loureiro

“Can I take you on a tour of Portugal with tapas? A little bit of everything?” asked chef Héléna Loureiro when I sat down at Portus Calle, in the heart of Montréal’s Portuguese neighborhood. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for culinary tours…

Montreal Restaurant: Hidden Market

“Have you heard about Hidden Market? It’s a secret restaurant that’s actually hidden somewhere in Montréal.” These words, which came to me by email, were… Frankly, intriguing! They called to my passion for secrets and, of course, food.