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Our favourite romantic #MTLmoments

Love is in the air in Montréal! To mark the occasion, we selected a few romantic #MTLmoments to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Vive l’amour! Wedding bells and blue skies at Saint Joseph’s Oratory Give in to temptation with a decadent hot chocolate Une photo publiée par Juliette & Chocolat (@juliette_chocolat) le 10 Mai 2016 à 13h20 PDT A romantic aurora on Mount Royal Savouring the moment at Bota Bota Une photo publiée par Kristina Argento (@kristinaargento) le 15 Janv. 2017 à 16h21 PST Autumn wedding pics on Mount Royal Stealing a kiss in Old Montréal Snowflakes and hearts at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts Une photo publiée par ⠀⠀⠀⠀Mon✟réal, Le Quebec, 🇨🇦 (@mtlshot) le 24 Janv. 2017 à 9h46 PST Quiet reflection at La Fontaine Park Une photo publiée par Alma Lzg (@almalzg) le 10 Oct. 2016 à 11h44 PDT Skating hand-in-hand Une photo publiée par Anne-Charlotte Brault (@anne.charlo) le 10 Janv. 2017 à 16h42 PST Tea time! Made with love… Une photo publiée par Bex Adel (@bexadel) le 20 Janv. 2017 à 20h33 PST Family stroll in the snow Une photo publiée par mon œil! ©Sébastien Fortin (@cba5ti1) le 5 Janv. 2017 à 9h13… / Read More →

VIDEO: Discover MTL à TABLE – Montreal’s Succulent Restaurant Week!

If you put all of Montreal’s foodie culture on a single table, it would be a stunning smörgåsbord of different heritages, an eclectic array of flavours, and an exhibition of dishes so gorgeous they could only be described as “edible art.” Our flare for fine food and daring dining is in our DNA; so during MTL à TABLE  from October 30 to November 9, locals flock to sample the best culinary creations that boil in the creative minds of Montreal’s chefs. This year all of MTL à TABLE‘s 140 participating restaurants will feature wine pairings from France with their exclusive menus. So loosen your belt a few notches, grab some friends, and make a reservation at a romantic or group-friendly restaurant! MTL à TABLE is powered by the SAQ, Mastercard by National Bank & ESKA. Treat yourself during MTL à TABLE, Montreal’s Restaurant Week, by taking advantage of a delicious special limited time Montreal Gourmand offer!


Searching for the perfect place to drink in Montreal? Look no further than this slightly wacky infographic! The choice is yours, just follow your heart to good times and memories. Just remember to have fun, drink responsibly and to tag your Instagrams with #MTLMOMENTS. Coffee, Tea & Milkshakes: Nocochi (2156 Mackay), Camelli Sinensis (351 Emery), Beautys (93 Mont-Royal West) Sweaty & Dancy : Electro: NEW CITY GAS (950 Ottawa), Latin: Copacabana (1106 Maisonneuve West), Hip Hop: Blizzarts (3956 St-Laurent) Romantic & Cozy: Wine: Pullman (3424Parc), Cocktail: Assommoir (211 Notre-Dame West), Beer: Benelux (245 Sherbrooke West) Laidback & Chill: Boardgames: Randolph Pub (2041 St-Denis), Eat: Else’s (156 Roy East), L’Escalier (552 Ste-Catherine East), Mr Smith (4061 Ontario East), Play Pool: Sharx (1606 Sainte-Catherine West) Unique & Funky: Drag Queens: Cabaret Mado (1115 Ste-Catherine East), Free Candy: Snack n’ Blues (5260 St-Laurent), Pay Candy: Candibar (1148 Mont-Royal Est)

Live for Love on Valentine’s Day in romantic Montreal

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, Montreal sets its sights on a long weekend of love. Walk down snow-covered cobblestone streets, turn a plush hotel room into a romantic getaway, spur the senses with dining and chocolate, and find something swoon-worthy to do around every turn…