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November (or, Movember as it’s increasingly become known) is an important month for Montreal music lovers, because once we hit December, everything starts coming up all Nutcrackers and Handel’s Messiahs. From legendary DJs to the Biebs, there’s something for almost every concertgoer this November…


The big deal in Montreal music this month is the always-incredible Pop Montreal. But since it doesn’t kick off until September 29, what are you and your ears to do until then? As always, the Montreal Buzz has you covered with a preview of some of the must-see shows this September. Peelander-Z , September 4 @ Il Motore: Let’s start off the wonderfully bizarre and awesome Peelander-Z, a “Japanese Action Comic Punk band” who rock as cool a kid’s show as you’ll find anywhere. I mean, did Raffi ever play SXSW?