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VIDEO: TASTE MTL restaurant profiles of EVOO, Code Ambiance and Boucan

After exploring downtown Montreal in our first TASTE MTL 2013 video, we turned our attention to the much buzzed-about neighbourhoods of Griffintown and Saint-Henri. We started with the contemporary French cuisine of Code Ambiance before heading over to check out EVOO‘s playful French/Irish/Mediterranean gastronomy and finished up, because why not, with some drinks and BBQ at the great Boucan. So… have you made your reservations yet?   Take advantage of your stay in Montreal with our Sweet Deal package filled with special offers valued at $500!


A little bit south and a little bit west of downtown Montreal sits Saint-Henri. Though it gets a lot of press for being one of the city’s most “up-and-coming” neighbourhoods, the real key to Saint-Henri is that it is still very much what it always was…