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Meet Julien Smith. He’s that hip NYT bestselling author who wrote the book “Trust Agents” with Chris Brogan.  Long before that, he was that avant-garde podcasting kid who knew (and still knows) much more about the web than both you and I. According to the Montreal boutiques where he shops (see video for Julien’s fashion confessions), I decided to make the assumption that Julien is now rich. But don’t be fooled. The Twitter fame and designer plaid don’t mean that Julien is migrating to glamorous LA. In fact, Julien loves Montreal so much, it only made sense I ask him about his favorite spots in the city. You’ll find all his answers in the video, with links and addresses below.


Montreal is the perfect destination for anyone living in North America looking for a significant change of scenery without having to travel to the end of the world.  It is only an hour flight from New York or Toronto, yet feels a lot more like a trip to Europe. On top of saving on plane ticket fees and jetlag ramifications, you’ll be happy to hear that Montreal is also a very affordable city. With its vibrant cultural scene and bountiful summer festivals, Montreal has all it takes to offer you a memorable time without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas for a sensational Montreal trip on the cheap!


Montreal’s most sought-after fashion sale, “La Grande Braderie de Mode Québécoise”, takes over the city from April 15 to April 18! If I know you at all, I know discounts up to 80% on designer clothes are enough motivation for you to throw on your prettiest heels and tackle the cobblestones of Old Montreal.


“Everyone loves something clever, inventive and well made. Our products cut right across every demographic line.” -Christopher Spillane (Owner of Il Était Deux Fois) —————————————————————————————————————— Each year there is a massive amount of junk being tossed in landfills. It’s not a pretty picture. But, thankfully, I’m not here to kill your buzz with a lecture on sustainability. Instead, I’m going to gush about one Montréal store that is making art through rubbish. And in doing so, making our planet a bit greener.


Welcome to our new Montréal Buzz feature: MEET A MONTRÉALER. Over the next few months we’ll regularly be introducing you to some of Montréal’s hippest individuals. They’re going to be divulging their favorite hidden gems around the city. So stay tuned! Our first featured Montréaler is Arjun Basu. Despite his befuddled expression in the above photo, this creative and clearly cuddly fellow is a social media hero!


  Bondage, spanking, leather, latex, BDSM, anime, librarians, chubby-chasing, asphyxiophilia, body piercing, tattooing, cowboys, daddies, biker-dykes, policemen, school girls, Alexander McQueen shoes… This is a list of common fetishes, while also providing a GREAT way for me to optimize my search engine traffic. Just joking. Okay, not really. No matter what type of fetish gets you lascivious, Montréal has a store for you to get some hot new gear.

A Few of My Favourite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Um, no thanks. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. I’ll pass. From Chocolate Shop to Yoga Studio, here is a quick list of my actual favourite Montreal things…

St-Laurent Street Sale Returns

Montréal’s St-Laurent Boulevard is going at it again with its notorious street sale and party. I spoke to you about the STREET FAIR about two weeks ago, but unfortunately the original weekend was rained out. This weekend, however, the sun should be shining, so put on your flip-fops and summer dresses . . . It’s time for afternoon sun and discount shopping, all in one place!

Avenue Mont Royal :::: A Photo Tour

Many years ago, when I first visited Montréal, I stumbled out of Mont Royal metro station and found paradise – a neighbourhood called “The Plateau.” I said to myself, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to live here?” And now I do. Join me on a photo tour…

TRAVIS TADDEO: Calling the bold and the fierce

A few years ago, I couldn’t help but notice that some of the city’s coolest club kids were all dressed in these edgy, innovative outfits. It was only a matter of time — and with a little help from  my friend Stefan who knows just about every single person in Montréal — for me to finally meet the man behind all the hype.