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Ministry of Cricket gives homeless sports a place to stay

Words matter; they have power. So we’re going to let these words speak for themselves: extreme archery, bubble soccer, ultimate Frisbee, cricket, touch rugby and, believe your eyes, quidditch. Montréal’s recently opened, and amazingly named, Ministry of Cricket (and Other Homeless Sports) has cornered the market on several uncommon-to-outlandish sports and activities that are, in a word, wicked. Located opposite Montréal’s Marché Central shopping centre, the Ministry of Cricket (and Other Homeless Sports) is comprised of three indoor, dividable turf fields capable of accommodating a multiplicity of sports on its 14,000 square feet. In addition to the aforementioned fun and games, the Ministry is also home to field hockey, lawn bowling, flag football and more conventional sports like baseball and soccer. As the name suggests, the space was born out of need. “About three years ago, [my friends and I] were looking for somewhere to practice our sport, cricket, and there was nowhere,” explains Ministry of Cricket owner Angus Bell. “And it was the same for certain other sports, so we decided to create a multisport event centre and it’s just grown and grown.” And indeed, if there was ever a sport that needed a place to call home, it’s… / Read More →

Mr. Soccer, Francis Millien, talks FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada

They call him Mr. Soccer, and for very good reason. Francis Millien has had a hand – or perhaps a foot, rather – in the promotion of soccer in Montréal and Québec at virtually every level for over 30 years. As Venue General Manager at Montréal’s Olympic Stadium for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 (taking place in Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Moncton and Montréal from June 6 to July 5), Millien once again finds himself in service of the beautiful game. An assistant coach for the Montréal’s professional soccer team, the Montréal Impact, for five years, Millien played an active role in the organization of the U20 2014 and the U20 FIFA World Cup in 2007. A member of Montréal’s Comité Excellence Sportive since 2011 (responsible for supporting high performance sport in Montréal and showcasing the city’s sport scene), Millien’s duties at the FIFA Women’s World Cup also relate to upholding standards of excellence. “[My job] is to make sure that everything is prepared in good order and that everything follows the rules and criteria of FIFA ,” Millien explains. “There are very strict regulations we have to follow to make sure that the best service is given… / Read More →

The Montreal Impact hit their stride in 2013

The slogan this year for Montreal’s Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise the Montreal Impact is “Behind every player is a supporter.” But if the number of fans expected at every home game in Montreal is any indication, each player could reasonably expect a conga line of 782 supporters bringing up the rear. It’s a level of love that’s been two decades in the making…