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Top 5 fish and seafood restaurants in Montreal

The fact that Montreal happens to be an island and is surrounded by water does not necessarily make it famous for its fish and seafood restaurants. Although our fair province is a land rich in sea treasures, the traditional Quebec diet is not very fish-friendly. However, a few restaurants in the city do specialize in this more delicate fare and here are some of the ones I turn to when I’m craving a taste of the sea…


Last Wednesday marked the opening of a new, exciting venue on St-Laurent blvd : Noa Sushi Lounge.  For the occasion, cordon-bleu trained creative director Nacim Louali invited two Japanese chefs : Taketsuna Araki (formerly from Kaizen and Soto) and Koichi (from Kioochi Club Hotel & St-Malo Kasukabe in Tokyo) – flown in from Japan for the occasion – to shake up the new sushi kitchen.