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Consequence of Sound writer Sasha Geffen shares her favourite #MTLMOMENTS

At Montreal’s three-day Osheaga festival, the metal stage barriers felt more artificial than any I’d ever been pressed against. I had just spent two weeks connecting with musicians, curators, and fellow fans; suddenly, the physical division separating me from the music I loved felt strange. In many ways, Osheaga was the perfect climax to my adventure through Montreal’s music community. I saw locals like Stars and Groenland perform and got to enjoy the work of the city’s visual artists around Parc Jean-Drapeau. But in another sense, the festival felt so much bigger than the place I had just immersed myself in. It was the meeting point of Montreal’s music and the music world at large…


Montreal has been asking its visitors to capture and share the special and unique moments from their visit by hashtagging their photos and videos with #MTLMOMENTS. As tourists and locals alike started experiencing and exploring the city, those #MTLMOMENTS started flowing in! Here is a small curated selection of some #MTLMOMENTS courtesy of… YOU!

10 Great Montreal videos

We’ve curated what we think is a pretty great list of our favourite videos featuring Montreal-  check them out…


Our photo of the week comes from Montreal photographer and overall wonderful chap, Mr. Daniel Séguin. He has called this image “In Rhythm” — which is appropriate because he is capturing an iconic Montreal weekly event where travelers can literally feel the pulse of the city. Every Sunday afternoon on the eastern side of Mount Royal Park (under the angel statue), there is a big, joyous drumming festival. It’s called Tam Tams. It’s an inclusive event where anyone can bring a drum and join in the rhythm. Or, if your bongos don’t fit in  your suitcase, you can simply shake your money-maker. We suggest bringing a picnic, checking out the various vendors and ogling at the “LARP’ers” (Live Action Role Play). Thank you, Daniel! —————————————————————————————————————— Submit your Montréal pictures to our MONTRÉAL BUZZ FLICKR GROUP. And see our previous PHOTOS OF THE WEEK.