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Montréal Digital Spring activities for the whole family

As Digital Spring winds to a close for this year, digital creativity is remains omnipresent from one end of town to another. A hub for digital art, Montréal is a veritable showcase for innovation and folks of all ages can plug into this amazing energy. Here are some ways to enjoy the final days of Digital Spring for the whole family. Eureka Festival, Old Port of Montréal | June 10 to 12 Québec’s biggest science party, the Eureka Festival attracts thousands of science enthusiasts and amateur geeks to discover 100 original activities and cool digital experiences Couch Play at Game Play Space | 21 June Couch Play at Game Play Space invites gamers to discover this incubator of independent studios and given them feedback on their video games, joystick in hand. International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN) | until July 3 Who says art and robots don’t go together? The 3rd edition of the International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN) continues until July 3 at Arsenal under the theme, “AUTOMATA: Art made by machines for machines”. Immerse yourself in a world of robotic art, virtual reality, augmented reality, sculptures and digital video. Virtual Reality Garden at the Phi Centre | until July 3… / Read More →


Welcome to 2013, where everything has an App. Restaurants have apps, museums have apps, and that lamppost probably has an app. Here are some of the coolest (and totally free) Montreal Culture Apps so far in 2013…


The SAT, or Society for Arts and Technology, is one of Montreal’s most dynamic and innovative spaces. Home to everything from cultural happenings to DJ nights (including many of the Mutek festival events over the years), it’s an impressive venue with a tech-centered, cutting-edge mandate. What they’ve added recently speaks directly to this point: the Foodlab, a guerilla kitchen with an eye towards experimentation, and the Satosphere, a 360-degree immersive environment filled with projectors and over 150 speakers. We sent our cameraman to give you a sneak peak but make sure you check it out for yourself. Society for Arts and Technology, 1201 Saint-Laurent, (514) 844-2033


Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles is one of the liveliest cultural areas of the city, concentrated around Sainte-Catherine Street near Place-des-Arts metro. The entire district is bursting with work, creativity and light, and is constantly enhancing the neighborhood’s cultural assets. A few weeks ago, during Montreal’s yearly Nuit Blanche, Quartier des Spectacles presented an experimental project called “Intersections Signalétiques”, which has already been creating quite some buzz in cities around the world.