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Go Play in the Snow at Fête des Neiges 2014

Sled down snow-covered hills, learn to cross-country ski, and even ride a colourfully-lit ferris wheel during the family-friendly, activity-packed Fête des Neiges de Montréal, every weekend from January 18 to February 9…

Guide to Festivals in Montreal

Montreal’s many festivals reach their peak during the summer months, yet the festival fun continues at high levels throughout the year. To help you plan, here’s Tourisme Montreal’s Guide to the city’s most entertaining, must-see festivals…

Things to do in Montreal: May 3-9

Spring in Montreal seems to have been a quick one – with temperatures already hitting mild-summer levels, everyone’s got their sunglasses and sandals on already, prepping for the season this week with time spent relaxing outdoors, in good restaurants, in galleries and museums, and at live music events…

Things to Do in Montreal April 26-May 2

Warm, sunny days return to Montreal just as festival season begins, filling not only the Quartier des Spectacles in the heart of downtown Montreal with activity, music and entertainment, but the whole town, from Old Montreal to the Olympic Stadium.

Montreal’s French Culinary Heritage

Montreal is a city that boasts a rich multi-cultural culinary heritage, including many influences from every corner of the planet. The most important influence of all however – and one that has been present the longest – is undoubtedly French cuisine…


If you’ve ever travelled with young children, you’re probably sceptical of the phrase “Getting there is half the fun”. But, on a recent VIA RAIL trip from Montreal to Ottawa with an 18 month old, I can report having what amounted to an almost civilized journey…


Unike the little villages that pepper Montreal where one can find an abundance of local ethnic specialties – dragon’s beard candy and dim sum in Chinatown and fresh canoli and pizza in little Italy – you can smell the grilling of Portuguese chicken from almost any corner of town…


Montrealers love their thrift shops.  That is probably why you’ll find some in almost every neighbourhood of the city. Conveniently, three of our favourites ones are neighbhours, which makes for an easy vintage shop-hopping sessions on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.  Moreover, these boutiques have a unique way to play with retro stylings, making them an awful lot of fun to walk into, even when you’re not looking to actually buy anything.


Traveling by train is my definition of a pleasurable activity. You get to relax, have a comfortable seat with enough legroom, use your phone, look at the scenery – and, if you’re like me, you get to not worry about the frightening possibility of your plane crashing. Taking the train to Montreal also involves arriving at the heart of downtown and being steps away from your hotel and all the summer action.