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Why riding the rails has never been more appealing

For many a voyaging soul, yours truly very much included, the holidays – winter, summer, you name it – are synonymous with train travel both to and from Montréal. From convenience to comfort to cost, the train is as unbeatable as the age-old experience of rolling across the country on wheels of steel itself. Discover Montreal through the eye of photographer @jfsavaria (📷: @jfsavaria) #FF #followfriday #discovermontreal #exploremontreal // Découvrez Montréal à travers l’oeil de @jfsavaria (📷: @jfsavaria) #montreal #viarail Une photo publiée par VIA Rail Canada (@viarailcanada) le 28 Oct. 2016 à 16h14 PDT As either jumping off point or final destination, Montréal is ideally situated, located within easy reach of major metropolitan centres not just right across Ontario and Québec, but also the American eastern seaboard. VIA Rail offers frequent departures from downtown to downtown without the hassles of air travel (transportation to and from the airport, long security lines, baggage fees, etc.) and, especially important during the winter months, a travel option that is mostly impervious to the elements. In other words, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…” The VIA Rail experience is as stress-free as it gets. Easy on-and-off, comfy adjustable chairs, lots… / Read More →


If you’ve ever travelled with young children, you’re probably sceptical of the phrase “Getting there is half the fun”. But, on a recent VIA RAIL trip from Montreal to Ottawa with an 18 month old, I can report having what amounted to an almost civilized journey…


Traveling by train is my definition of a pleasurable activity. You get to relax, have a comfortable seat with enough legroom, use your phone, look at the scenery – and, if you’re like me, you get to not worry about the frightening possibility of your plane crashing. Taking the train to Montreal also involves arriving at the heart of downtown and being steps away from your hotel and all the summer action.