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GAY CAM does the Montreal Gay Pride Parade!

Pride was a blast here in Montreal. The weather was hot, the parade was energetic and the people on the floats were drool-inducing. I decided to bring back my patented Gay Gam to give you the insider view of the parade. And if you want even more sexy images, including some fine Montreal bums, check out my Gay Pride Facebook Album. Enjoy!

Oy Vey! My Son is Gay! @ The World Film Festival

Into its 33rd edition, the Montreal World Film Festival is the perfect way to round out a summer of stellar Montreal festivals. This year’s festival features a film with homosexual and Jewish tendencies.

Gay Marriage in Montreal: How it all began

Gay marriage is a popular reason for travelers to choose Montreal. Why? Because it is legal in Canada, and Montreal provides an ideal romantic backdrop to the occasion. But it didn’t always used to be this way. 

Mado, The Queen of the Montreal Gay Village

Who is Mado? Mado is irreverent. Mado is charming. Mado is bitchy. Mado is Montreal. Last week, after a hilarious Drag Queen Makeover , I sat down with Montreal’s infamous Drag Queen, Mado, to chat about what it takes to run Montreal’s fab-est Cabaret and what travelers should do when they visit our city. What resulted is perhaps my most entertaining and informative video yet. My favorite moment: when Mado says, “Do I want to be a Drag queen for the rest of my life? Or do I want to work at McDonald’s? You have a choice.” Oh, and don’t miss our lesbian cat growls… Grrrrrr!

When is Gay Pride? (A Public Service Announcement)

Montréal is home to many summer festivals, such as Jazz Fest, Just For Laughs and the World Film Festival. But perhaps the most lively and colorful festivals are those hosted by and catered to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. The two most prominent queer festivals in the summer are Divers/Cité and Célébrations. But what’s the difference? Which one is actually “PRIDE” in Montreal? And which festival will be best for you? Join me as I clarify the difference between Montreal’s two gay summer festivals…

Phoebe Greenberg’s DHC/ART + Michal Rovner

Montreal has a new patron of the arts: Phoebe Greenberg. And her uncommon taste for risky adventures made her create one of the best art galleries in town, showcasing the work of experimental artists from all over the world. Read more to know why Montreal is now a real avant-garde city… in many ways.

GAY CAM for Google

One of the best things about Montreal’s Gay Village is that the street is closed to traffic throughout the summer. This essentially means that St. Catherine’s street is like a pedestrian runway, featuring amazing patio action, jovial street performers and even a volleyball court. However, I became concerned.

A Greasy Spoon in the Gay Village

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. You just shut down the bar. But your night is not over. Your stomach is growling. You need a greasy spoon restaurant to intervene on the impending hangover. I’ll tell you where to go…

Daniel Does Dave

If you’ve ever sat with clammy hands in the waiting room of your local health clinic, you know that viral is rarely a good thing. But in the world of social media and cyber celebrity-ism, one dreams of mass (infectious) popularity. We all want the kind of virus that Susan Boyle caught. Last year, a little video clip featuring Mr. Dave-the-Dreamboat was created to demystify the reputation of Montréal. It was entitled “Dave does Montréal” and it spread like herpes at a whorehouse. Here it is… What do you think? Is Montréal as sinful as they say? Message me on Facebook with your thoughts. I’ll take the most exciting sentiments and post them in the coming weeks.

Gay Volleyball: Can you dig it?

As you are aware (or not), there is more to gay life than just hot dance parties and online cruising. With Montréal’s thriving gay community, we have many options to meet new folks and participate in a variety of activities. Such as gay volleyball! Check out what brings all the boys to my court… (And how you can get some hot gay volleyball action.)