Tam Tams: Drums, Dancing and Doobage

Posted on June 22nd, 2009 by .

Every Sunday afternoon, all the peace lovin’ people of Montréal unite: black or white, Anglo or Franco, young or old, gay or straight (and everyone in between). The reason is the “Tam Tams,” a collective drum/circus/dance festival, where the mood is chill and the air is filled with the smell of… hippie lettuce.

I grabbed a Bixi Bike and headed off to the park, where I created my first installation of “Montréal BikeCam.”

Don’t miss my take on one of Montréal’s most peculiar sub-cultures, the “medieval nerf-sword warriors”…


Insider Recommendation: Grab some picnic food (cheese, baguette, bottle of wine) and head over to the mountain. Look for the giant angel statue on Park Ave, one block north of Duluth. Make sure you wander around the site to see the circus performers, drummers, vendors and warriors.

Click here for more information on Tam Tams.

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